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Six-Word Search: “Searching” Ourselves

Monday, May 7th, 2012

By Yael Roberts

Whether it’s research, Google searching, job searching, God searching, or soul-searching, we’re constantly on the lookout. We search for the right word, for the finest people, for the best possibilities, for the clearest answers. We scour databases and search engines for the information we seek. We search SMITH for Six-Word Memoirs to connect to. While often fruitful, sometimes, our searches are futile. And in today’s technologically saturated world, we often over-search until we realize that what we were looking for wasn’t too far from home after all. Below we’ve searched for your searches. Click on the linked SMITH user name for memoirs by each author.

Narrative in search of a plot. - notjustagirlintheworld

Meditation: Personal search engine via inner-net. - trust2020

Learned little googling myself, searching instead. - calondon

Day 1,275. The job search continues. - marymc

Searched for magic. Found books instead. - lyricall

Heard whispers. Searched frantically. Found Kindle. - ctgoods2

Searched for God. Came up empty. - RMC

Raiding Wardrobes. Forever searching for Narnia. - ActorAuthorHuman

Searched for other half. Found me. - Daniel_Phelps

Searches for safety are frequently misguided. - norwegiangrumblybird

You need to go search yourself. - kira324

Searching for answers in others’ questions.- sandsunsea

What’s your most wicked Google search? - Amapola

Over-shared. Over-searched. Overloaded. Overdone. Life? Overlooked. - reens82

Photo from Flickr user shanegorski.

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