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Six-Word Search: Friday (Thank God!)

Friday, May 4th, 2012

By Adriana Widdoes

Whether we’re late night partiers or just like to curl up with a movie and our pet cat, we all have strong feelings about Friday. If you’re lucky, the end of the workweek means relaxation and time spent doing your favorite activities (like sixing for SMITH Magazine!) that you haven’t had a chance for since Monday. Every week, we drink wine on Fridays. We quote Rebecca Black and Cure songs about Fridays. And on Monday mornings, we start the countdown to Friday night all over again.

Tomorrows Friday. We we so excited.
- Hannahmo

Good Friday. What a huge understatement.
- CuriousAngel

Another Friday night with my cat.
- Amiee

It is Friday. I’m in love.
- Laurcore

Glazed eyes. Pasted smile. Happy Friday.
- ctgoods2

Practicing safe Six on Friday night.
- Renegade

Needed: Girl Friday Monday through Thursday.
- wayword_angel

We only invoke Dionysius on Fridays.
- Alyosha

5am Friday: baby crying, cat puking.
- Larry Smith

Friday. That’s good enough for me.
- Susan Breeden

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  1. bevvie says:

    love Fridays and memoirs!

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