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“15,000 Days Spent Considering a Bellybutton.” The Best Six-Word Memoirs of the Week

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

By Alyssa Jocson

This week, stocks went up, Komen backed down and presidential hopefuls navigated their way to Nevada. Mirroring the headlines, Six-Word Memoirs show lives moving in all directions. Below are the best stories of the week. For more memoirs and backstories, click on each author’s name below.

Best Wordplay: “Meditation: Personal search engine via inner-net.” -trust2020
Funniest: “15,000 days spent considering a bellybutton.” -Anstey
Most Sensory: “Hardwired for coupling. Short-circuited being single.” -TawnyPort
Most Circular: “Dad’s baby now changing Dad’s diapers.” -eileenpat
Best Metaphor: “Mouth to mouth couldn’t resuscitate the marriage.” -Laconic from Six Words on Love & Heartbreak
Most Self-Aware: “Won’t let magazines shape my body.” -songwriter from SMITHTeens
Bonus #7—Celebrity Six-Worder of the Week: “Not funny. Funny. Not funny. Funny?” - Jimmy Fallon.
Plus: Six-Word Memoirs are featured in Oprah Magazine.

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