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Six-Word Wordplay: “More… Than…”

Monday, October 31st, 2011

By Liz Crowder

The best thing about a smart and playful community of storytellers? You never know where they’re going to take things next. One of the most enthusiastic trends in six-word wordplay of late involves adding four more words to these two: “More… than…”

Some of the memoirs in the “More…” challenge are self-deprecating (“More pussy whipped than doggie style.” from the incomparable Loon). Others are self-aware (“More time with mouse than spouse.” via mojito59). Most are a satisfyingly playful dose of self-expression.

You can read some of our favorites from the “More…” wordplay below. Be sure to click on an author’s name to see more of his or her Six-Word Memoirs.

More Addams family than Brady bunch. - KharisJo

More mom jeans than skinny jeans. - Bevvie

More wingman, than center of attention. - ton

More defender than leader of pack. - Ctgoods2

More good witch than bad witch. - notyouraveragegrandma

More dirt-road smart than street smart. - Believe

More like fish heads than caviar. - wackjob

More slow boil than hot flash. - Level1

More Charles in Charge than Chachi. - three-monkeys

More guerilla warfare than open battlefield. - thesagittarian12

More Smuckers jam than K-Y Jelly . - scarecrow

More Maxwell Smart than James Bond. - SolitaryMan

More down to earth than pie-in-the-sky! - Laconic

More thrift shop than consignment boutique. - Contemplative

More Jolly Rancher than Milk Dud. - L2L3

More queen-size bed than sleeping bag. - reykayjey

More amuse bouche than easily amused. - TawnyPort

More dive bar than cocktail party. - sisterpoet

I am more Etch-a-Sketch than Escher. - RainhaMom

More free falling than comfort zone. - oopsalittle

Definitely more Mader than Lightning McQueen. - Steve__Anthony

More pork and beans than caviar. - BanjoDan


9 responses

  1. bevvie says:

    Love them all! Keep them coming!

  2. owl-jack says:

    was a dark and stormy night…

  3. Steve__Anthony says:

    Definitely more Six-word Memoirs than Facebook.

  4. sdfgeg says:


  5. yoh65 says:

    More of this less of that

  6. Sho says:

    Small presses are so itparmont. They offer an alternative to the big-city notion that a memoir isn’t worth publishing (because there won’t be enough profit in it), which in some ways implies that it isn’t worth reading, unless it’s about fame/fortune, scandal or rage-inducing injustice.On the other hand, if a writer wants to make money writing, eventually it doesn’t hurt to take a look at what sells to the big city and why. But if I had done that early on in my development as a writer, I would have written pulp or mass-market stuff, because there’s a bigger market for it (and there’s nothing wrong with writing it, if that’s what a person wants to do). I really wanted to find my unique subject, voice, perspective, style. The comic is great, by the way.

  7. Ndeki says:

    I read Memoirs of a Geisha and didn’t know it wasn’t a true memoir until after I fehisnid it and looked online to read about it. I was even more surprised that a guy had written it. (I was given the Book on Tape to listen to and didn’t check out the author.)

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