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“iPad, iPod, iPhone, iTouch, iSad, iThankyou.” The Best Six-Word Memoirs of the Week

Saturday, October 8th, 2011

By Alyssa Jocson

This week, Andy Rooney signed off, Amanda Knox returned home, and Steve Jobs lived on through his many fans and innovations. Like those in the headlines meeting endings or celebrating new beginnings, members of the SMITH community document their own times of transition. Below are the best Six-Word Memoirs of the week. Don’t forget to click on each author’s name to read more.

Most Self-Aware: “Proud atheist until turbulent plane flight.” -BanjoDan, with the most favorited memoir of the week
Toughest Narrative Arc: “Divorced. Still sleep on one side.” -m3phil
Timeliest Wordplay: “iPad, iPod, iPhone, iTouch, iSad, iThankyou.” -notjustagirlintheworld
Most Earthly: “My heroes all have stretch marks.” -Huck
Most Faithful: “Eat to celebrate, fast to atone.” -RLW1968 (profile image above) with Six Words on the Jewish Life, our newest topic.
Most Insightful: “I’m not walking away, just forward.” -lovethelittlies from SMITHTeens

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  1. bevvie says:

    Kudos to the writers of the weekly best! All very memorable!

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