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“With Regrets…”: Live in LA & NYC—in Six Words and More

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

By Larry Smith

Which hairdresser told me I could effectively pull off a pixie cut? Why did I decide it was a good idea to leave the house wearing this? And what was I thinking when I dated that less than reputable character all those years ago?

Although we may ask ourselves questions like these on a daily basis, the what ifs and the woulda, coulda, shouldas become more dominant in the face of a New Year. Reflecting on regrets can be positively therapeutic. So whether you’re anxious to get a clean slate before Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, next week or just hoping to get a head start on resolutions before December, what better way to experience catharsis than confessing in the disciplined form of just six words?

Below, some of your fellow memoirists share their six-word regrets. And if you want to get regretful in the flesh in L.A (Sep.22) or NYC (Sep. 27)—good places for such behavior‚ we’re teaming up with Jewish culture mavens at Reboot’s 10Q project for a storytelling show called, “With Regrets…” It’s sure to be an evening chock-full of good comedy, great company, and hilariously woeful tales of regret from some of the world’s best storytellers, including Time Magazine’s Joel Stein, FOUND’s Davy Rothbart, spoken word rockstar Rich Ferguson, comedians Todd Levin and Jessi Klein, SNL alum Michaela Watkins, and writers A.J. Jacobs and Starlee Klein. For more info on the LA show go here, and for the NYC show click here.

I regret introducing you to fan-fiction.
-Melissa Appleby

Regret not pursuing masters in twenties.
-JC Turner

Regretting showing him the real me.
- Brigitte Petersen

Discovered boys. Sold horse. Eternal regrets.
-Laureatte Loy

I regret not saying “I do.”
-James Mockridge

Regret: he’s #1, I was #88.
-Bronwyn Cyr

Single mother by choice. No regrets.
- Erica Black

Of 22 tattoos, I regret one.
-E. Wayne Ingle

I regret my second passport stamp.
-Molly Bushey

Sweated out regrets in Helsinki sauna…
-Ann Mocchi

Biggest regret: Never had a baby.
-L Giza

Don’t regret singles bar chance meeting.
-Maria Leopoldo

Don’t regret not marrying the Brazilian.
- Chris Killip

Mom’s only regret was my Dad.
-Donna L. Haring

The one your mother regrets meeting.
-Deborah Takacs

Two babies aborted. Too many regrets.
-Annie Evans

You’ll regret this when I’m famous.
-Bailey Alexander

What’s your Six-Word Regret? Share it on the “With Regrets” Facebook wall in either LA or NYC, or on SMITH Magazine’s Six-Word Memoir project.

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  1. Jo Ann Daniels says:

    That I never had any daughters.

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