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“Barefoot, never (again) pregnant, dislike kitchen.” - The Best Six-Word Memoirs of the Week

Friday, May 13th, 2011

By Alyssa Jocson

This week, children and parents across the country celebrated motherhood, residents near the Mississippi River worried about rising waters, and some feared the curse of Friday the 13th. Inspired by these events and their own personal celebrations, worries, and fears, writers in the SMITH community created Six-Word Memoirs. Below are the best memoirs of the week. To read more stories, click on each author’s name.

Most In Need of Caffeine: “Awoke this morning, exhausted by adulthood.” -marymc, whose memoir received the most ‘favorites’ this week
Most Labels: “P.D.D, A.D.H.D, O.D.D, O.C.D…what next?” -sisterpoet
Best Wordplay: “Barefoot, never (again) pregnant, dislike kitchen.” -midwestsensibily
Toughest Narrative Arc: “Last haircut today before chemo starts.” -HRLori
Most Human: “Independent. Practicing Catholic. Not a Saint.” -Pseudonym_Girl (profile image above)
Most Triumphant:“Finally got the solo in choir.” -roxas, from SMITHTeens

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