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“I grew old before growing up.” The Best Six-Word Memoirs of the Week

Saturday, March 26th, 2011

By Alyssa Jocson

Maybe it was the “supermoon,” with the full moon being the closest it’s been to the Earth in 18 years, or the vernal equinox marking the beginning of spring, but there was an especially beautiful burst of Six-Word Memoirs this past week. Whatever made everyone think in sixes this week, it made it hard to choose the best six, below. And if you want more, click on each of the authors’ names to read more memoirs.

Most Arrested Development: “I grew old before growing up.” -MarkTomTeen
Most Growth: “Found another leaf for family tree.” -VeronicaKeegan-Moore (profile image, above),
Toughest Narrative Arc: “At sixteen: Bipolar scares friends away.” -JasmineOriana
Most Cathartic: “No one knows I’m in therapy.” -SecretsAlone, from SMITHTeens
Best Compromise: “Different DNA; Dad still loves me.” -LoraDementia
Best Wordplay: “Wife’s with the angels. Hell’s Angels.” -Loon, whose memoir was the “most commented” on SMITH this week.

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