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Dear SMITH: “Afterquake woke me up, like alarm” and More Stories of Six From Japan

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

By Rachel

We were pretty excited to see user rui_y’s memoir come in yesterday. We’ve always thought SMITH should be about the chicken’s eye view — about telling the biggest stories of our time through the observations of everyday people. As we struggle to understand the enormity of what happened in Japan, it proves true again that the tiniest slivers of narrative can be the most potent. Today we got an email follow up, which is reprinted below:

“I live in Tokyo.
I really hate earthquake.
I am tired of earthquake.
Now, I can’t buy anything at at a convenience store.
Many train lines in Tokyo is operating at less than normal capacity
on today.

But, 6words provides a source of entertainment to me.
reading & writing “6words” is my favorite activity.

I’m your fun. 6words is loved by many Japanese (Haiku-Tanka-people).

Many thanks. rui_y”

Just another little endorsement for the power of personal storytelling, in the best of times, in the worst of times. Many thanks indeed.

3 responses

  1. Contemplative says:

    Six Words. Little pleasures when faced with plight. Source of connection when one’s world is falling apart. Personally write both six words and haiku. So glad stories are shared by such soulful survivors. May these words fill the space when situations become unspeakable.

    And, rui_y, I concur, “6words” is one of my favorite activities too. Thanks to all for making part of the world go round.

  2. l8leigh says:


    You sound a lot like me! I also write haikus and six-word memoirs and find the short formats challenging and satisfying to write.
    Also, I like what you said in your response to rui_y. Write on!

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