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“Loved wine in a coffee cup.” Six Words for Grandma

Monday, February 28th, 2011

By Lisa Qiu

The legacy of our quiet heroes is their good deeds. It’s sometimes hard to understand exactly what they have done because the record of their actions is so subtle, sometimes almost too close to our own lives to see clearly as they’re happening. As SMITH community member Mary Ellen Marks and her family found, one way to make sense of a life is by breaking it down into short, meaningful bits.

Mary and her family found a way to honor their hero, Grandma Peggy Marks, through Six-Word Memoirs. Peggy was born in 1927 and grew up in the Bronx, married Elmont Marks (now deceased), with whom she had eleven children. At the service for Peggy, Mary’s family asked everyone to offer six words about a woman who graduated from college, traveled the world, and tied the lives of countless people together with love and care as “grandma.”

Her relatives and friends came to her service with inspired stories and memorable quotes, all to celebrate the life of Peggy Marks, six words at a time. Mary generously shared these words with us.

“Six Word Memoirs For Grandma”
Seven boys, four girls, one Mother.
Had eleven children; did her job.
“Don’t ever give up.” Love, Mom.
Mom’s illness remedy: “Take two aspirins.”
“Take the good, pass it on.”
“Go next door to Aunt Dotty’s!”
“Wait ‘till your father gets home!”
“Can someone go let Ace out?”
“Cut out the weeping right now!”
“Take it with a grain of salt.”
“Your reactions will be your children’s.”
“Dinner without dessert isn’t a meal.”
“Pick up Dad from the train.”
“If you need ketchup, come home.”
“Take the good and pass it on.”
“Faith, humor, courage: ingredients for life.”
“Mary Catherine, Kathleen, Margaret…I mean Lynnie”
“Pregnancy is a condition, not handicap.”
“Where is the chocolate candy hidden?”
“Make the money, we’re going away.”
“Say hello to Dottie and Joe.”
“That’s one for the history books.”
“Time to take down the awning.”
“Please take me to Peter Lugers.”
“It’s been a long, strange trip.”
Aunt Peggs is A…MAZ…ING!
Entrepreneur, CEO, loving, faithful Mom.
All were family, all were loved.
Courageous woman, peerless Mom, remarkable person.
Warm home, you were always there.
Taught me strength, shared her wisdom.
Mother by marriage, confidant and friend.
Woman of strength, admiration and God.
Peg: pride, dignity, respect, honor, courage.
Mom: hats, the color red, classy.
Grams, our love needs no words.
Welcoming heart, sage advice, wily wit.
Peggy is back with Elmont forever.
Had Eleven, now she’s in heaven.
She loved them in different ways.
Peggy was calm, always in control.
God said softly, “Peggy you’re home.”
The BEST mother-in-law EVER.
Helped those who needed it most.
Made the best of bad situations.
Loved unconditionally and everyone knew it.
Generation to generation were all loved.
Loved her in-laws like her own.
Loved her family more than anything.
Sincere and sarcastic wrapped in one.
Born a girl. Died an angel.
She loved her coffee and sweets.
A pioneer in so many ways.
A football team made of grandchildren.
Friend ship, Love, Loyalty through the years.
The BEST mother…in…law EVER.
Brings people together wherever she is.
“Ma, Where is my Communion money?”
Christmas isn’t Christmas without Grandma’s party.
Always one foot out the door.
Real cooks do not need recipes.
Pegg: pride dignity, respect, honor, courage.
Mom: the strongest person I know.
Distant relative, obviously loved by all.
Grandmother’s sister: window to my past.
Unconditional Love for Sale. Cost: Priceless.
Always told you how it is.
Grandma, always gave the best hugs.
Thanks for giving me your eyes.
Grandma would always call me doll.
Sage woman, but minimal in words.
Believed in the power of prayer.
Happy to lend a listening ear.
Classy lady from hats to acts.
Loved everyone for who they were.
She loves her faith, family, friends.
Grandma would not miss Bethany Beach.
Grandma, we will miss you always.
Loved wine in a coffee cup.
Watching over us, drinking some wine.
My Grandmother, My Friend, My Inspiration.
Calmed colic with a football hold.
Loved babies more than anything else.
Always welcomed me with open arms.
Funny, strong, calm, patient, determined, amazing.
The Warden, the cops, the inmates.
A gentle woman of Christian faith.
Beautiful blue Irish eyes are smiling.
I wanna go to Grandma’s house.
Grecko’s, Lake Saint Catherine, The Hungry Bear.
She is, “The wind beneath our wings.”
Will miss: “Hello, Ma.” “Hi, Jim.”
Eleven Children…a very rich woman.
The original “Leader of the Pack.”
Mom, you showed me the way.
Too much for only six words…

9 responses

  1. ctgoods2 says:

    A lovely and fitting tribute. Very nice.

  2. kathi says:

    this eulogy of sixes; forever loved

  3. Loon says:

    shucks, could not possibly top that…

  4. Loon says:

    …there’s still room on her tombstone…

  5. Loon says:

    Not enough ashes to go around.

  6. Loon says:

    Loving sixers: Big Kite’s long tale.

  7. Contemplative says:

    Thank you for sharing something so personal. The attributes, adjectives, and accomplishments speak for themselves. Glad everyone was able to “have a say”. Certainly to be treasured forever. Personally find it healing to be heard. All the best in thoughts and prayers!

  8. m says:

    102 years old and still kicking!

  9. idnpoker says:

    I enjoy reading a post that can make men and women think. Also, many thanks for permitting me to comment!

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