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Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

By Alyssa Jocson

You’ve been working hard. I know. I see it every night when I check my Google Alerts for the latest results in a search for “six+word+memoirs.” Six-Word Memoirs in classroom projects and in To Write Love on Her Arm events and on personal blogs. Here are some of my favorite six picks from the past few weeks.

“Big brother’s going to drive soon: torture.” Only a couple months into the new school year, and already so many Six-Word Memoir projects created in class. LeeAnn of blog All Things Preteen! recently worked with a fifth grade class and taped their Six-Word Memoirs. And Ms. Shay’s American Literature and Composition students showcase their memoirs in this YouTube video.

“Familial Christian, 70s Jesus-freak, now enlightened.” Killing the Buddha, “a religion magazine for people made anxious by churches,” asked readers to summarize their spiritual journeys in six words or less. The writing prompt has inspired a range of memoirs by faithful, converts, questioners, and science-lovers.

“Scars heal, so do our souls.” The East Tennessee State University chapter recently encouraged students to write Six-Word Memoirs of pain and hope on a public display on campus. Chapter officers Chenya Haas and Mitch Galloway speak about their display project and hopes to show students they are not alone in an interview with local paper, Johnson City Press.

Kim, a member of the TWLOHA chapter at Florida State University, shares pictures of their group’s student Six-Word Memoirs, displayed on a homemade mannequin.

TWLOHA university chapters across the country, including the ones at University of Alabama and Ithaca College also held their own Six-Word Memoir events. Share you own Six-Word Memoirs on Pain and Hope.

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3 responses

  1. TWLOHA GCSU says:

    Hey! That is a picture from our Six-Word-Memoir Project at Georgia College and State University. It was a great project that got a great response!

  2. Angie Smith says:

    6 words?

    Just Waiting For Me To See. Is gonna be the title of my story that I would like to know who i can go to to publish it. The rough draft appears on facebook on my wall.

  3. TWLOHA Ithaca College says:

    Thanks for featuring us! If you guys want to check out more pictures of our event, or even a few videos a journalism class did, go to these sites:

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