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“We’re old souls with unfinished business.” The Best Six-Word Memoirs of the Week

Friday, September 24th, 2010

By Larry Smith

This week, Twitter was plagued with more fail whales than the Cape Cod coast (and SMITH got a taste of bad tech medicine, too), Eddie Fisher and Larry Summers both moved on (neither, seemingly, voluntarily), and health care reform kicked in (bringing Tea Party pots to a boil). And your Six-Word Memoirs gave us strength (and a few good laughs). Here are six six-worders we love from the week ending September 24. Click on each author’s name to check out more memoirs.

Best Line for a Romantic Comedy: “He completes me. And my sentences.”—Contemplative
Best Wordplay: “I’m the careless man’s careful daughter.” —ReyKayJay
Best Sense of Self: “Finally realizing: I AM good enough.” —AddySue, from SMITHTeens
Most Self-Aware: “Yoga made me slightly less crazy” —Neal Pollack, pictured above, from his interview on Memoirville.
Most Inspiration: “We’re old souls with unfinished business.” —Cambrian
Best Imagery: “Storming all night, rainbow tomorrow morning.” —StewartThompson2, from our six-word project, Six Words on Pain & Hope, with the nonprofit, To Write Love on Her Arms.

Plus: Watch our new video, “Six Tips for Writing Six-Word Memoirs.”

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2 responses

  1. Janet from Creative Writing says:

    This is wonderful! Just stumbled onto your site, and I love it! Will save this to my favorites for ideas for writing and working with my teen-aged students; most of my own lesson plans and material are designed for younger students. Your site will help me with my “older crowd!” And I love that six-word memoir! That is me exactly: an old soul with unfinished business! Why else would anyone incarnate down here?! :)

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