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“Sweetie, please don’t lick the dog.”—Six-Word MOMoir Winners!

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

By Lisa Qiu

"Mom four daughters, Dad's estrogen tomb."
We asked you to submit Six-Word MOMoirs in tribute of Mother’s Day and the response was overwhelming! It didn’t take a Freud to analyze the importance of moms from the thousands of MOMoirs we received, but it did take a lot of tough decision making to choose our winners.

Our winners of Six-Word MOMoirs on being a mom:
“Sweetie, please don’t lick the dog.” - MamaC
“Tied his shoes. Ties mine now.” - AmyDoodle
“Mom four daughters, Dad’s estrogen tomb.” - nettiehartsock

Our winners of Six-Word MOMoirs on having a mom:
“Mom’s a puzzle. Little pieces everywhere.” - ctgoods
“Please tell me I’m adopted. Kidding.” - Nicole54231
“…Marriage failed, Dad bailed, Mom prevailed…” - Paradoxwolf

Along with our friends TruuMomConfessions and Postcards From Yo Momma , we’ve curated some amazing MOMoirs, well deserving of an honorable mention for their creativity, humor, and honesty. Here are just a few.

Best Boozey MOMoirs::
“On birthdays we did shots together.” - pincusb
“Four beers and a nanny please” - PregTASTIC

Best MOMoir about writing one:
“This is much cheaper than therapy.” - TexanWoman

Best Backstory:
“Mom’s code name: Cast Iron Butterfly.” - MG

Best Qordplay:
“Four kids: five, six and seven.” - Hudaa

Intense Mama Drama:
“Mom’s big Get Even: my kids.” - Lorri_McDole
“Like his father. Whoever it is.” - lmattozz
“Mommy Dearest is still dearest mommy.” - Loon

Thanks to everyone who shared her MOMoir. To read thousands more, or to submit to be considered for a future book, head over to the Six-Word MOMoir project.

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  1. “Sweetie, please don’t lick the dog.” Our Six-Word MOMoir winners! says:

    [...] with the founder of all things six word, SMITH Mag and friends from  Postcards From Yo Momma , we’ve curated some amazing MOMoirs, well deserving [...]

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