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“Turning 47. Looking 37. Feeling 57.” — The Week in Six

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

By Larry Smith

Each week, you send in hundreds of Six-Word Memoirs. Here are six we love from the week of April 19. Click on each author’s name for to see more memoirs he or she has penned.

Wittiest six: “Tried quitting. Close but still cigar.” —lmattozz
Six heady words: “In my head, things went differently.” — Alex Mess
That six sounds complicated: “Turning 47. Looking 37. Feeling 57.” — Marymc
Sixily seeking sponsorship: “Otis Redding, Glenlevit, can’t get better.” —Shiff
Earthiest six: “Still given Styrofoam cups at restaurants.” —KaleidoscopeEyes
Best backstory (click memoir to read it; image above): “Mom taught me to be strong.”Viv

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