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“Trust me, you’ve got it EASY”—Six Words in High School

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

By Patrick Wong

I’m still a pretty young guy, so my memories of high school are still quite vivid (and still enjoyable to reminisce about). One of the highlights? Reading all of the nice things everyone had to say about how awesome I am. One thing I remember even more of though? The generic, “have a good summer” and “keep in touch” and “never change” sentiments. It’s nice, yeah, but where’s the meaty, meaningful stuff? Your high school yearbook is supposed to have some substantial memories inked in the pages, but when all else fails, naturally it’s the Six-Word Memoir that saves the day once again.

Ms. Kristie Hofelich at Waggener High School in Louisville, Kentucky started a Six-Word Memoir legacy program with her senior English class. Hofelich has invited her students to submit their Six-Word Memoirs via their class blog. Every senior’s memoir has been given the go-ahead to be hung up in the hallways of the school to further preserve their legacies in the school. Sounds like a much better and cooler way to be remembered in high school.

The application of the Six-Word Memoir is so versatile that they can even be used as alternatives to high school yearbook signatures. You might not get the class pictures, but you get to say something significant for yourself and for others to share with you. “Have a good summer” and “never change” might be nice and they might be six words, but so are your memoirs—and they can say a lot more. Has Ms. Hofelich revolutionized the yearbook? Not yet, but I think she’s onto something.

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  1. ted mckim says:

    Good way for life to start.

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