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Six Words, Plus Four More

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

By Patrick Wong

It’s no secret that in the world of SMITH we’re a fan of the short form, with six being the magic number. But what’s the problem with four more words? There isn’t one according to Ten Word Wiki.

Like the go-to information cultivation of the full-fledged, Ten Word Wiki’s mission is the same: to provide its visitors with answers for all those random questions you may have or for the last-minute help you always need on your papers and essays. The only difference is that Ten Word Wiki’s entries are only (you guessed it…) ten words long.

Ten Word Wiki is obviously less in-depth than the uncapped word-count of Wikipedia and understandably so. Ten Word Wiki’s classic example on their homepage is their entry for Lance Armstrong: “Inspirational unitesticled cycling legend. Singlehandedly invented the rubber wristband industry.” Compare that to the hundreds, thousands of words on Lance at Wikipedia and you probably won’t get all the same information, but it’s nice to get what you need in just a ten-word dose. One of my personal favorites is the entry for R Kelly: “Acquitted R&B singer who got stuck in a wardrobe once.”

Here at SMITH we understand the challenge of putting things concisely. And at Ten Word Wiki, where a lot of their entries are about people and their lives, we feel how difficult it is to bring something as impressive as a lifetime into a handful of words. But alas, we must say, SMITH wins the battle; most people will agree, saying something in six words is harder than ten. If you feel the need to try both mediums out and compare, Ten Word Wiki allows people to register and submit their own ten word entries.

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