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CONTEST & EVENT: Six Words on NYC @ The 92nd Street Y

Sunday, January 3rd, 2010

By Larry Smith

On January 24, SMITH is having a very special event at the 92nd Street Y to celebrate the release our next Six-Word Memoir book, It All Changed in an Instant: More Six-Word Memoirs by Writers Famous & Obscure.. We’ll talk about the brilliance of brief writing with A.J. Jacobs, Amy Sohn, and Ben Yagoda, and have lots of audience participation (so come armed with a Six-Word Memoir). We’re also holding a contest: What’s your Six-Word Memoir about your life in New York? From “Husband. Kids. Park Slope. You know,” “Girls from the Bronx are different,” “New Yorker: everything pisses me off,” and New York’s own Neil LaBute who says, in six words, “Writing is easy. Life is hard,” everyone has a New York story (even folks who don’t live here). And everyone loves a prize. We have a bunch of great ones.

• SIX people will have their Six-Word Memoir turned into a song by Michael Hearst of One Ring Zero;
• SIX people will get free admission to the event and be invited on stage to read his or her memoir;
• SIX people will be picked, at random, to win a gift package of Harper books, including the newest Six-Word Memoir book, It All Changed in An Instant.

All SMITH readers get 25 percent discounted admission. Use the code: SWM when purchasing tickets.

Submit your six on yourself/NYC in the comments area of this post by January 18, 5pm EST.

Photo: “Ghosts of New York,” courtesy of Flickr user thomashawk.

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293 responses

  1. Beth Carter says:

    Swarming with yellow cabs, busy people.

  2. Beth Carter says:

    Midwesterner dusts self off, deep breath.

  3. Beth Carter says:

    Midwestern girl takes New York. Gulp.

  4. Beth Carter says:

    Midwestern girl meets New Yorker. Soulmates.

  5. Beth Carter says:

    Sexy billboards. Yellow cabs. Great food.

  6. Beth Carter says:

    Intimidated by the trains. I’ll walk.

  7. Beth Carter says:

    Explosion of people, honking cars, smells.

  8. Beth Carter says:

    Something for everyone in New York.

  9. Beth Carter says:

    Are the hot dogs, pretzels sanitary?

  10. Beth Carter says:

    Sea of black-clothed, harried, skinny people.

  11. quin browne says:

    I perfected the art of subletting.

  12. quin browne says:

    CIty view from the Ferry? Perfection.

  13. Tanja Cilia says:

    Not New. Not York. Not Perfect.

  14. Rachel Sklar says:

    Upper West to Lower East: HIPSTER!

  15. Rachel Sklar says:

    Lawyer to blogger - WAY more fun.

  16. Rachel Sklar says:

    No, Mom, haven’t met him yet…

  17. stealthnerd says:

    One bedroom apartments always too expensive.

  18. Corynne Steindler says:

    Always say I’ll leave, but can’t!

  19. stealthnerd says:

    Hate paying cabs airport flat fees.

  20. stealthnerd says:

    Sudoku on subway makes ride faster.

  21. stealthnerd says:

    Suitcases on subway, not very smart.

  22. stealthnerd says:

    Message to tourists: Please keep walking.

  23. stealthnerd says:

    Like mac and cheese? Try Fetch’s.

  24. E. Joyce Moore says:

    Absolutely the best planet on earth.

  25. avoidingregret says:

    Dreaming of a Gramercy Park key.
    city sediment exoskeleton seals you inside
    Too many parks closed for construction.
    Always someone around, except at home.
    Can’t see sunrise, even if awake.
    What’ve you done for me lately?
    Bright sky always blocks celestial events

  26. Word Dude says:

    Just another Jew in New York.

  27. chris-teja says:

    Expensive, exhausting, and weirdly great.

  28. LisaAmica says:

    No pay, job security, literary mag.

  29. LisaAmica says:

    Still using after four years.

  30. avoidingregret says:

    Can’t move. Considered old maid elsewhere.
    Able to sleep through siren wails.
    So much to do. Let’s drink.
    The only pets allowed are mice.
    Could eat pizza for every meal.

  31. DreamSMITH says:

    FourSquaring EVill. Consuming LES. Learning BK

  32. DreamSMITH says:

    Conceive it, then find it here

  33. CarrieBoo says:

    Foot run over by taxi cab.

  34. DreamSMITH says:

    New York: “How tough are you?”

  35. CarrieBoo says:

    Six years in Village. Burnt Out.

  36. DreamSMITH says:

    New York: “Who are you really?”

  37. CarrieBoo says:

    Stepped in vomit. Trial by fire.

  38. CarrieBoo says:

    Car door opens. Biker goes flying.

  39. CarrieBoo says:

    After NYU moved back to NJ….

  40. Kit says:

    I’m just glad that I left.

  41. DreamSMITH says:

    Heard “slow down” and started laughing

  42. DreamSMITH says:

    Sleep is for amateurs… and sheep

  43. Rachel Sklar says:

    I miss my gay ex-roommate.

  44. CarrieBoo says:

    Commuters only lose half our souls.

  45. Mark says:

    Most every man gay–Lucky Me!

  46. Julia Segal says:

    Can’t make it here, or anywhere.

  47. Julia Segal says:

    Get to Carnegie? Blowjobs, blowjobs,blowjobs.

  48. Julia Segal says:

    Subway performers make more than me.

  49. Jen Snow says:

    Brooklyn born. Left briefly. I’m back.

  50. Rachel Sklar says:

    I use my oven for storage.

  51. Barbara Lewis says:

    Graveyard shift benefit: free car service.

  52. Barbara Lewis says:

    Moving back if the car sells.

  53. katiebakes says:

    Not on my subway line? Dealbreaker.

  54. Barbara Lewis says:

    Elbowed groper on the E train.

  55. CarrieBoo says:

    Six Years. Three cab rides. WALK.

  56. Barbara Lewis says:

    Scowled at Olive Garden in Times Square.

  57. Macy says:

    Morning coffee vendor: Most successful relationship.

  58. Kate Payne says:

    Another Christmas tree home via subway.

  59. Clare says:

    Journalist. Where’s my Carrie Bradshaw wardrobe?

  60. katiebakes says:

    The bodega guys are my doormen.

  61. Christen Clifford says:

    Arrived Manhattan, partied Brooklyn, settled Queens.

    Giant inflatables. Street sex. Williamsburg nineties.

    Shaved legs, hairy armpits. Williamsburg, 1990.

    Dreamed of Broadway, got Jackson Heights.

    Two kids, three shows, no money.

    Brooklyn, not Manhattan, center of world.

    He was my subletter. Married him.

    Brooklyn. Everything happened to me here.

    Dogs have taken over my city.

    Let me flirt with famous men.

    Snuck into Ritz Carlton. Bathroom sex.

    Actor. Waited tables for ten years.

  62. StephSK says:

    Why so educated and so underpaid?

  63. StephSK says:

    The street smells like poo everyday.

  64. Naomi S says:

    Merchant Ivory girl, Coyote Ugly world.

  65. Bonnie says:

    Must stir egg cream with pretzel.

  66. Bonnie says:

    Concrete steps’ best use? Stoop ball.

  67. Bonnie says:

    Bright city lights awaken childhood memories

  68. Dara says:

    Trains Going By, My White Noise

  69. Dara says:

    Cats make more sense than dogs

  70. Dara says:

    Yes, I was raised in Manhattan
    Have trust fund I do not

  71. beinthemoment says:

    Acting. Art. Still striving for it.

  72. Kris says:

    Everybody’s a damn journalist around here.

  73. Erica says:

    Subway cutie. Eye contact. Smile. Gone.

  74. Erica says:

    No job, no apartment, still dreaming.

  75. Lauren says:

    Blackberry blood stained his murderous fingers.

  76. Kim Werker says:

    Happy Brooklyn kid. Then we moved.

  77. Amy says:

    I woke up and couldn’t breathe.

  78. Diane says:

    Best cure for empty nest syndrome.

  79. Martha Garvey says:

    I, too, love this dirty town.

  80. Beth says:

    Just like I pictured it. Not.
    I am writing new life story.
    I believe in miracles, don’t you?
    I speak but few will understand.
    Energy is the base of life.
    Think happy thought. Live happy life.
    Share the love if you dare.
    No more hope. Time to go.
    This man stinks. I’m outta here!
    This town rocks! Glad I’m here!
    Told new story. Got happy ending.
    Difficult childhood led to happy midlife.
    Uber-creative thoughts have brought happy heart.
    Complain, cry, smile, learn, grow, bloom.
    Roller coaster ride led me here.
    Pretty little girl became friendly introvert.
    Never took expected route. Happy trails.

  81. Kris says:

    Not an angry New Yorker yet.

  82. Krissy says:

    Big apple has some big worms.

  83. Bethe says:

    I’m not in Missouri any more.

  84. Martha Garvey says:

    Staten Island ferry in wedding dress.

  85. Pia says:

    Tourist, get the * outta my way

  86. Allie says:

    After six years, no more suitcase.

  87. Kelly Kreth says:

    City–not a toy–can suffocate.

  88. Kelly Kreth says:

    Can’t have simultaneously: job, apt, relationship.

  89. Kelly Kreth says:

    6th floor walkup: my own penthouse.

  90. Kelly Kreth says:

    Have never had a driver’s license.

  91. Kelly Kreth says:

    NY: All others orbit around it.

  92. Kelly Kreth says:

    What accent? Shut the fuck up.

  93. Kelly Kreth says:

    Jay-Z continued where Sinatra left off.

  94. Samantha Victor says:


  95. Samantha Victor says:

    I’m well travelled, through many faces

  96. Justin says:

    I can do whatever I want

  97. Barb says:

    Ever present, you continue to inspire!

  98. Dayna Goldberg says:

    Never thought I’d live in Brooklyn.

    No nail clipping on the subway!

    “Accidentally” got felt up on subway.

    Not your stereotypical nice Jewish girl.

  99. Kelly Kreth says:

    Summering in Brighton Beach beats Hamptons

  100. Kelly Kreth says:

    Originally from Jersey, lie about it.

  101. Pia says:

    Born and Raised: Nobody like me.

  102. Angel Zapata says:

    Both my dads drive taxi cabs.

  103. Angel Zapata says:

    I love picnics on tenement roofs.

  104. Angel Zapata says:

    The Projects are beautiful at night.

  105. Angel Zapata says:

    Got mugged twice. Still won’t relocate.

  106. Angel Zapata says:

    Jaywalking’s against the law? Yeah, right.

  107. Angel Zapata says:

    Our gardens grow on fire escapes.

  108. Veronica Keegan Moore says:

    What happened to my Hell’s Kitchen ?

  109. Craaaig says:

    way too crowded. moved to boston.

  110. Veronica Keegan Moore says:

    Hell’s Kitchen was my childhood playground

  111. Veronica Keegan Moore says:

    Going to Fairway. Dreading the crowds.

  112. Veronica Keegan Moore says:

    Hudson River. Not just a runway.

  113. Veronica Honer says:

    Miss NY down to my toes.

  114. Veronica Honer says:

    NY- it is in my soul.

  115. Veronica Honer says:

    New York always on my mind.

  116. Jessica Delfino says:

    ribald ditties. flying-v ukulele. polarizing society!

  117. Jessica Delfino says:

    famous but poor. how’s that work?

  118. carli says:

    Fast asleep in wide awake city
    Head shrunk. Still Screwy. Just smaller.
    Magical couch shrinks head. Wallet, too.

  119. Paul Beckman says:

    Sammy’s Romanian
    chopped liver.
    Heaven calls.

  120. Mary McConnell says:

    Greatest concert ever heard - in subway.

  121. Joli Ienuso says:

    I tell time by street lights.
    Stop and go. Just like life.
    Arms stretched out. Sweetness in goodbye.
    On occasion, I want to cry.
    Submarine heart stick in subway car.
    Life underground, head in the clouds.
    Dirt under my nails. Successful day.
    You were a glimpse, a breath.
    I walk taller in this city.
    Butch woman lovingly call me shorty.
    So many things I want to do.
    That’s her photo in the subway
    People pile in for faster train.
    I wonder if they look too.
    Same thing everyday, always new people.
    Won’t forget but won’t look back.
    You were nothing and everything simultaneously.

  122. Paul Beckman says:

    Dim Sum took over Little Italy.

  123. Paul Beckman says:

    Katz’s hot dogs–
    Worth the trip.

  124. Paul Beckman says:

    Watching tourists pose with Bulls balls.

  125. Paul Beckman says:

    WARNING! Don’t doze on the subway.

  126. Paul Beckman says:

    Ya love it–
    Ya hate it.

  127. Paul Beckman says:

    Don’t eat Street–
    It’s mystery meat.

  128. Paul Beckman says:

    TVs in taxis–
    Is nothing sacred?

  129. SabrinaAnna* says:

    Cold and dingy, yet so necessary.

  130. SabrinaAnna* says:

    Want to be on “Cash Cab”!

  131. SabrinaAnna* says:

    City of lights and broken dreams…

  132. MichaelMemphis says:

    Made it there. Next stop: Anywhere.

  133. Rohit says:

    Be whatever you want to be
    Bagels, Pizza, Burgers - what you got?
    “Empire State of Mind”: Hellz Ya!
    Subway chatter, a whole new religion

  134. Doug Mathewson says:

    ” Moved uptown, didn’t like it much.”

  135. Doug Mathewson says:

    “West End Ave, it’s just weird.”

  136. Doug Mathewson says:

    “Sighting both Olsen twins same day.”

  137. Doug Mathewson says:

    “Buying dope outta hot-dog cart.”

  138. Chaya L. says:

    Moving fast. Living fast. Thinking slow.

  139. Doug Mathewson says:

    Rain today.
    Cash Cab?
    RIght answer!

  140. Chaya L. says:

    Living big. Ignorant of the world.

  141. Chaya L. says:

    I’m first. Move. Get over it.

  142. Paul Beckman says:

    Will guard parking spot for food.

  143. Paul Beckman says:

    Party talk:
    Real estate.
    Real estate.

  144. Paul Beckman says:

    The super wants a bigger tip.

  145. Paul Beckman says:

    Pass a law-
    No more revivals.

  146. Paul Beckman says:


  147. Phil Smith says:

    Carnegie Hall
    Practice practice practice

  148. Phil Smith says:

    Statue of Liberty
    Big stoned chick

  149. Eileen Fireman says:

    I thank God I’m an atheist.

  150. Madeline C. says:

    Never lived. Childhood dream. Still wistful.

  151. Madeline C. says:

    Backpack, hostel, Grey’s Papaya. Delicious experience.

  152. Chaya L. says:

    Beep. Beep. No. I’m not sorry.

  153. Chaya L. says:

    The lights get in my way

  154. Chaya L. says:

    Too many people. I like it.

  155. Chaya L. says:

    It’s like we forgot about sleeping

  156. Doug Mathewson says:

    “Four-story McDonald’s, ten feet wide.”

  157. Doug Mathewson says:

    “Chalked body outline, by my door.”

  158. Doug Mathewson says:

    “Beer and sandwich, $35.00 Bus Station.”

  159. Doug Mathewson says:

    “Slept in park till people explained.”

  160. Doug Mathewson says:

    Always asked cabbies, “where ya from?”

  161. Doug Mathewson says:

    “City never sleeps - but I gotta!”

  162. suzanneschoen says:

    sky line, sky divine, sky scape

  163. mbs says:

    Central Park dog party. Who knew?

  164. Jay Kay says:

    Fallen “truly” in love countless times.

  165. Sheryl Mae says:

    Gray’s still has it. Hotdogs FTW!

  166. Sheryl Mae says:

    Venti Peppermint White Mocha No Whip

  167. Robyn H. says:

    We left and can’t get back.

    They won’t let us back in.

    We’re stuck in second rate Boston.

    Red Sox Yankees who fucking cares?
    We just want to go home.

  168. Josh Bolotsky says:

    100 mil buys you 50.7 percent.

  169. Jeanette Cheezum says:

    We rode the twin towers elevator.

  170. Jeanette Cheezum says:

    Someone returned a package I dropped.

  171. Jeanette Cheezum says:

    We saw the Broadway show, Cats.

  172. Jeanette Cheezum says:

    Four people share at Stage Deli.

  173. Jeanette Cheezum says:

    I’ve never seen so many limo’s.

  174. paul beckman says:

    The ball dropped, then we separated.

  175. Paul Beckman says:

    Going uptown, saw her going crosstown.

  176. Paul Beckman says:

    No where else knows a schmear.

  177. Paul Beckman says:

    Block the box–
    Pay the man.

  178. Paul Beckman says:

    I miss old Jewish cab drivers.

  179. Paul Beckman says:

    Every waiter’s an actor.
    Or dancer.

  180. Paul Beckman says:

    Botique hotels translates to tiny rooms.

  181. Paul Beckman says:

    Fifteen dollar martinis.
    Don’t forget tip.

  182. Paul Beckman says:

    Street corner Rolex.
    Another lesson learned.

  183. Paul Beckman says:

    Made eye contact.
    Another lesson learned.

  184. Paul Beckman says:

    Rowing in Central Park.
    Pocket fisherman.

  185. Paul Beckman says:

    Take pictures of people taking pictures.

  186. Paul Beckman says:

    Grand Central Station.
    Sure is busy!

  187. Brian M. Biggs says:

    Magical, camera stolen but memories remain.

  188. Paul Beckman says:

    Empire State Building.
    Sure is tall.

  189. EricaCiccarone says:

    Wish I was in New Orleans.

  190. Lucy Kelly says:

    One year studying Art in 1997

  191. Moe1627 says:

    Loneliness;strewn broken umbrellas, life passing.

  192. Rayna26 says:

    single, unemployed. Can only get better.

  193. alan semerdjian says:

    No beginning or ending in sight.

  194. alibonkers says:

    Never take a toddler to Macy’s.

  195. nojiri23 says:

    Outsider everywhere else. At home here.

  196. Jo Ann Daniels says:

    Never been there. I have illusions.

  197. Jo Ann Daniels says:

    Everyone has a taxi cab story

  198. greengreenturtle says:

    NYC took my Minnesota cousin’s sanity.

  199. Doug Mathewson says:

    Great food.
    Beautiful women.
    Dog-poo everywhere.

  200. Doug Mathewson says:

    Rainy day.
    Senegalise umbrella vendors appear.

  201. Stacy Reynolds says:

    Came lonely, left the same way.

  202. Jo Ann Daniels says:

    The bold and the beautiful everywhere.

  203. Maggie Cutrer says:

    Empire of dreams; hole of horror.

  204. Nicole Rapista says:

    no more resolutions, make the change

  205. Nicole Rapista says:

    From the bottom, only go up.

  206. Nicole Rapista says:

    Learning SAT words, cant speak truth.

  207. Shari Berkowitz says:

    Who could ever live anywhere else?

  208. Allison Herzog says:

    Please no fifth floor walk ups

  209. Allison Herzog says:

    NOT like Sex in the City

  210. Allison Herzog says:

    Best Place ever for people watching

  211. Allison Herzog says:

    Harder than you thought…worth it

  212. Allison Herzog says:

    NOT like Sex and the City

  213. Allison Herzog says:

    Writer Dreamer Blogger–Like Everyone Else :)

  214. Kelly Kreth says:

    I star in a taxi-tv commercial.

  215. Kelly Kreth says:

    Was the first fired NYC blogger.

  216. Kelly Kreth says:

    Got fired for having a blog.

  217. JAL says:

    I’m a west coaster now, damn!

  218. Becky says:

    I am New York - you, too.

  219. Elisa Shevitz says:

    I’m in love with my city.

  220. mimi imfurst says:

    The convenience is awfully inconveniently awful.

  221. instupor says:

    Never before left. Now know why.

  222. lauren says:

    he had finally tamed the shrew

  223. Kelly Kreth says:

    No heat or hot water today.

  224. Savy says:

    Brimming with opportunity, says small-town girl.

  225. Savy says:

    The chick flicks portray it correctly…

  226. @lizfilm says:

    If I can make it there…

    Left San Francisco before I got soft

    How can I afford all this?

    Finally understand why people never leave

    It’s amazing what can happen here.

    Drag queens, Douchebags, Derelicts, Desperation, Dreams

    I’ve gained 20 pounds of carbs

    It’s an accomplishment to turn heads.

    Never knew I needed designer handbag

  227. kim geralds says:

    Fortress of buildings, courtyard of streets.

  228. Amy Hartl Sherman says:

    Viewing Twin Towers’ hole from McDonald’s

    Air conditioned subway is cool relief

    Too noisy to walk and talk

    Artists, vendors, Wall Street wonders, me

  229. Jessica Sachs says:

    Tourists walk so god damn slow!

    I’ve had some crazy cab rides.

    Drugs Galore. Sound Factory. Roxy. Exit.

    One night stand, turned into years.

    So many sexy men are gay…

    Shopping Spree. Fifth Avenue. In Debt.

  230. edward hotchkiss says:

    Girl sucks my dick in cab.

  231. john s. dickson says:

    broad shoulders, giant hearts, enormous spirits
    tall buildings, many people, stars everywhere
    don’t GET courage, use have it!

  232. taryn rejholec says:

    New York is my Mount Everest.

  233. Angel Zapata says:

    I miss Times Square porno theaters.

  234. Angel Zapata says:

    My apartment door has four deadbolts.

  235. Angel Zapata says:

    Take three trains to school everyday.

  236. Corynne Steindler says:

    Eight years. Three dorms. Four apartments.

    From Manhattan to Brooklyn … and back

  237. Aaron N. says:

    Five boroughs of endless horn honking.

  238. christiann says:

    I’m only rude for the tourists.

  239. turquoisebird says:

    It built us, it broke us.

  240. Bethe says:

    Does the naked cowboy get cold?

  241. Bethe says:

    Tiny apartments. Huge prices. Worth it?

  242. Bethe says:

    Love the energy. Do without smells.

  243. Bethe says:

    Want to blend in? Wear black.

  244. Bethe says:

    Was flashed on train. Kept looking.

  245. Bethe says:

    Still can’t get into Jersey Boys.

  246. Bethe says:

    Met real Jersey boy in Missouri.

  247. Ami C says:

    Passed Regis on Columbus again today

  248. Paige says:

    Texan at heart. New York soul.

  249. Amelie A Gagnon says:

    Stop thinking: just make it happen.

  250. Kelly Kreth says:

    Our doormen see everything, say nothing.

  251. Kelly Kreth says:

    I saw something; I said something.

  252. Kelly Kreth says:

    Stayed clear of the closing doors.

  253. V. L. Gregory says:

    Taxi’s weave yellow ribbons through skyscrapers.

  254. V. L. Gregory says:

    Lady Liberty in harbor–welcomes all.

  255. V. L. Gregory says:

    83rd story platform. Heady, glorious view.

  256. V. L. Gregory says:

    Twin Towers, gone–saddens my heart.

  257. V. L. Gregory says:

    Ground Zero–let’s raise it up.

  258. V. L. Gregory says:

    King Kong, Wray, Empire State Building.

  259. V. L. Gregory says:

    Apples: Jonathans, Delicious, Golden, New York.

  260. V. L. Gregory says:

    Times Square, Broadway, Canal Street–must sees!

  261. V. L. Gregory says:

    Looking for Cash Cab, Ben Bailey.

  262. V. L. Gregory says:

    Experience awe, excitement–in New York.

  263. V. L. Gregory says:

    Travelled long to see Liberty–worthwhile.

  264. V. L. Gregory says:

    Loved my visit. Lifetime memories, images.

  265. V. L. Gregory says:

    Sites worth travelling miles to see.

  266. Bethe says:

    We will never, ever forget 9-11.

  267. Bethe says:

    Complex city of hobos and heroes.

  268. Chr1ssy says:

    pregnant, alone, cold, light, chaos, calm.

  269. Carol VanderKloot says:

    Quirky, opinionated. Not likely understood elsewhere.

  270. Carol VanderKloot says:

    Perpetual walker; devourer of sidewalks, caffeine.

  271. Carol VanderKloot says:

    Overly curious, but unwilling subway eavesdropper

  272. Carol VanderKloot says:

    Grateful dogs permitted to even snootiest places

  273. Bethe says:

    First-time visitors pack a neck brace.

  274. Bethe says:

    I want to meet Donald Trump.

  275. Bethe says:

    Wish I could kick like Rockettes.

  276. Bethe says:

    Diversity, reality and celebrity equals unpredictability.

  277. Bethe says:

    Don’t expect grass, trees or cows.

  278. Bonnie says:

    Concrete canyon winter wind whistles whoosh.

    City is black and white…cookies.

    Potstickers, pierogi, Pad Thai, pickles, PIZZA!

    Brooklyn sounds like Good Humor bells.

    Buses splash melting snow…oh no!

    Sunday Times, bagel, schmear, regular coffee.

    Night is bright in neon light.

    Chestnut carts warm the frosty air.

    Scallops and Nesselrode Pie at Lundy’s.

    Tabasco-French fries slip-up at Nathan’s.

    Watching Tuesday fireworks from nana’s roof.

  279. Elizabeth Caplan says:

    Any subway line united we ride.

  280. Elizabeth Caplan says:

    Oy ve, it’s settled let’s eat.

  281. quin browne says:

    here, traffic signals are a suggestion.

  282. quin browne says:

    where taxis play ‘kill the pedestrian’.

  283. Elizabeth Caplan says:

    Once, Hell’s kitchen was living hell.

  284. quin browne says:

    kind. cruel. astounding. unique. new york.

  285. quin browne says:

    best two years of my life.

  286. Chr1ssy says:

    baby boy conceived in turtle bay.

  287. Jo Ann Daniels says:

    Empire state building; how many proposals?

  288. Reid Simmons says:

    Beautiful smile; local passing expressions.
    Third date - Awkward smiles across tracks.
    Recession drags. Starving artists still starving.
    Holiday present: passing a teary banker.
    Still living with our exes. Swap?
    Heartbroken. 6 month sublet available!
    Devouring frank. Sex or hot dog?
    in time. Oyster Bar: step back
    Illegal projects apiary. What a buzz!
    Subway waiting game: name that fluid!
    Another Starbucks, brewing unpublished authors.

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