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A Six-Word Story about a “Significant Object”

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

By Larry Smith

We know that everyone has a story, but the online project Significant Objects believes every thing has a story, too. Started by Joshua Glenn and NYT “Consumed” columnist Rob Walker, the pair have recruited writers like William Gibson, Nicholson Baker, and Curtis Sittenfeld to craft significance for flotsam purchased on the cheap at thrift stores. They then sell story and object as a pair on eBay to determine whether a great story can make a random object valuable. Their findings say yes, and our newest Six-Word Challenge begs the question (with a extra special nod to original six-word story crafter Ernest Hemingway): Can you create Significance for this Object in just six words? The winning response will be published on the Significant Objects site, and more to the point, on its eBay store. Proceeds from that auction go to the author of the winning submission.

So what about this object, a lighter in the shape of small pool ball? What’s its story? You tell us. Leave your six-word story in the comments area below. The contest is open until Friday, November 6, 8pm EST.

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453 responses

  1. Another contest? Yes! Significant Objects X SmithMag’s Six Words | Significant Objects says:

    [...] We couldn’t be more thrilled with the creative results of our contest in partnership with Slate (600+ entries), and the economic results are looking good, too: As I type, bidding on the Bar-B-Q Jar + Story by Matthew J. Wells is at a very healthy $54! But even before we had settled on a winner, we had decided that the response to our first contest justified another one. We didn’t simply want to repeat ourselves, of course, so we had to think of a new angle, a new wrinkle to add to our data set. And I’m here to announce it: The Significant Objects X SmithMag Six-Word Story Contest. [...]

  2. Joe says:

    I smoked and hustled. My mistake.

  3. Rick Liebling says:

    “To Rick: lighter,” read Felson’s will.

  4. Mimi says:

    Pocket scorched, the break still loomed.

  5. Voodoo_Lady says:

    Right corner pocket. World blew up.

  6. Voodoo_Lady says:

    Planning revenge on the eight ball.

  7. ScoBo says:

    Behind the Eight Ball? Burn it.

  8. JH says:

    The lighter came and went unnoticed.

  9. Lovey says:

    Your friends will bowl over – guaranteed!

  10. Smartypanties says:

    Rumored to be James Bond’s muse.

  11. metheothertwin says:

    Warning! Not for pocket pool use.

  12. Teachjoy says:

    Pool cue c’mon light my fire!

  13. José Tavares says:

    How would they know?

  14. metheothertwin says:

    Warning! Will not work in pool.

  15. Joe says:

    Carl’s only billiards trick that worked.

  16. Wijnand says:

    Rack ‘m up, push to fire.

  17. EmaProwler says:

    “Burn my pocket,” said sultry table.

  18. Alex de Campi says:

    “Flame Out”: Story of my life.

  19. SRadnidge says:

    Cassette tape flapped in the wind.

  20. E. Joyce says:

    Newest Boehner - Hamilton home tanning gadget.

  21. K Kreth says:

    Smoking and pool. Man’s greatest vices.

  22. Kelly Kreth says:

    After pool table sex, smoked cigarettes.

  23. Charles says:

    Eyebrows gone. Should have read label.

  24. Kelly Imperatore says:

    Mel’s Pool Hall burned down. Ooops!

  25. metheothertwin says:

    Today’s Hot Item! Lights on cue

  26. Matt says:

    Lost your money, swiped hustler’s lighter.

  27. metheothertwin says:

    Love the lighter side of pool!

  28. metheothertwin says:

    One ball lighter. Burned cue ball.

  29. Pamikins says:

    Insert in nose, light- Hair gone!

  30. rsantos says:

    A reminder of every game lost.

  31. WolkinTexasRanger says:

    Dad saves his father’s Carnegie medal.

  32. Lee says:

    It was a gift, he said

  33. Becky S. says:

    Five. Four. Three. Two. One. Silence.

  34. metheothertwin says:

    No match for this one ball.

  35. Ayun says:

    Airtight storage genie for fizzled romance

  36. Angel Zapata says:

    Had a ball playing with fire.

  37. Angel Zapata says:

    Heated pool match ended in flames.

  38. Salvatore Buttaci says:

    Number one, then he quit smoking.

  39. David Bell says:

    Ignite! The cue ball is coming!

  40. KatieD says:

    Significantly round yellow orb loves you.

  41. Peggy McFarland says:

    “Where’s the heat?” Fats taunted Eddie.

  42. Natalie says:

    He put the fire out - again.

  43. Tanja Cilia says:

    Inside, there are my lover’s ashes.

  44. Kam says:

    Pool shark. Lung cancer. Undistingushed obituary.

  45. Angel Zapata says:

    Ball shoots flames. Made Urologist appointment.

  46. Morf Morford says:

    Americans buy anything. Cheap and plastic.

  47. Tanja Cilia says:

    Light my fire; have a ball.

  48. Tanja Cilia says:

    Knocked out for six, on cue!

  49. Tanja Cilia says:

    Watch out - Yellow Peril flying low.

  50. Gladys Santiago says:

    I didn’t scratch the table felt.

  51. Jay Crown says:

    Combo. One lights the Eight Ball.

  52. Anonymous says:

    Pool-party bong lighter tricked cops.

  53. Hawley Roddick says:

    Pool-party bong lighter tricked cops.

  54. bananahanna says:

    strange resemblance to my step mother.

  55. Alana says:

    Flame out
    Light on
    Hot stuff

  56. quin browne says:

    FAIL: Microphone in a cue ball.

  57. quin browne says:

    Worst invention? Romco’s CueBall Micro Recorder.

  58. Natalie says:

    Get out of my corner pocket.

  59. Busted Typewriter says:

    New hustling career doomed by cancer.

  60. Reed says:

    My wife quit smoking. What now?

  61. Jane says:

    Burns a hole in your pocket!

  62. ginamac says:

    A flare peg in a round hole!

  63. J says:

    Come any closer, and get burned.

  64. J says:

    I’ll set your world on fire.

  65. stacy muszynski says:

    Goodbye rollin smokin bachelorhood: Baby’s arrived.

  66. Robin Slick says:

    Ignitable balls? Great gonads of fire!

  67. Mozy says:

    Hole-in-One really Lights up a table.

  68. Mozy says:

    PBOCD: Portable Butt Out Cancer Device

  69. DriverX says:

    Fire rolls, time stops, pregnant silence.

  70. Mozy says:

    Recycled: From Billiards to Smokers…Green?

  71. Mozy says:

    Don’t need 2 balls to Kill!

  72. Carrie says:

    Pool shark smokes, ponders next move.

  73. Carrie says:

    Pet Rock Wanna Be, #Pool #Fail

  74. Carrie says:

    Pool shark flames out, plots revenge

  75. Joe says:

    I lit her cigarette. She’s unimpressed.

  76. jazzcook says:

    This thing is HOT for you!

  77. Peggy McFarland says:

    Magic 8 Ball meets its match.

  78. Bess says:

    Gas Grill. Novelty Lighter. Adios, eyebrows.

  79. Peggy McFarland says:

    Can’t tell. Spent time in Vegas.

  80. Bess says:

    Eyebrows growing back! Lighter for sale.

  81. Bess says:

    Apaloosa Forest. I am so sorry.

  82. Bess says:

    “Lemon?” thought the dachshund, “Hot dog!”

  83. Rodrigo says:

    “Add an arrow … they need it.”

  84. Delilah Enhorabuena says:

    Dangerous. Combustible. But you like that.

  85. Eileen Dight says:

    Grenade: Don’t open! Told you so.

  86. Jackie Childress says:

    Flame out. Left holes. Hope Rises.

  87. Anne says:

    “Never again.” “Never?!” “Never.” “Gotta light?”

  88. Mike says:

    My little brother still has scars.

  89. caseylarae says:

    flamable device, created by a tool.

  90. caseylarae says:

    one ball lighter, left side pocket

  91. Kathy B. says:

    I could erupt at any time…

  92. metheothertwin says:

    Former #1. Burned out. No matches.

  93. A. Holtom says:

    Lit hottie’s ciggy; she hustled me.

  94. Jo Ann Daniels says:

    I’m yellow, but I’ll burn ya!

  95. Mozy says:

    Warning: Ball flammable if over clicked

  96. annie says:

    Got a light? Chalk it up.

  97. annie says:

    Got a light? Have a ball.

  98. Mozy says:

    The “Clicker”- 1 Click that’s ALL!

  99. Mozy says:

    Violation of a perfectly good Ball!

  100. Mozy says:

    Get the Ball Rolling…with Heat!

  101. Mozy says:

    Warning: Flaming Ball- Click with Caution!

  102. Mozy says:

    Danger: Flammable Liquid in 1 Ball!

  103. Mozy says:

    Please, Don’t attempt to Cue me!

  104. Jo Ann Daniels says:

    Read my lips; heat me up.

  105. Mozy says:

    Is this the Official “Baller’s Trophy”?

  106. Mozy says:

    1 Hot Click, does it ALL!

  107. Mozy says:

    1 Click: Flame size does Matter!

  108. Mozy says:

    Hot Dog, Hot Dog, Hot Diggity-Ball!

  109. Mozy says:

    Ball in Flames leads Danger Ahead!

  110. Molly Peck says:

    Wistful, I’m smoking his brand, too.

  111. Mozy says:

    Click me at Your Own Risk!

  112. Mozy says:

    Warning: Flame Action can Ignite Consequences!

  113. Mozy says:

    Cue the Ball; Smoke the Hole

  114. Mozy says:

    Blonde 1, Waiting to be Clicked!

  115. Mozy says:

    Once you’re a Ball…never done!

  116. Mozy says:

    1 Hot Ball ready for Click!

  117. Mozy says:

    Mello Yellow….Click for a flame-O!

  118. Mozy says:

    Always Hot #1, Never Hole Enough!

  119. Mozy says:

    In ONE way, Flame out others!

  120. Mozy says:

    4 Holes made 1 Hot Ball!

  121. Mozy says:

    Ball with Heat… No Fingers Please!

  122. Mozy says:

    Here For YOU, Light me UP!

  123. Marinne says:

    took his lighter- he tipped badly.

  124. Marinne says:

    novelty lighters are hard to refill.

  125. Bill says:

    What if pool balls had karma?

  126. Marinne says:

    He smoked me, I just smoked.

  127. Mozy says:

    1 Ball: Once Ignited, Always Lit!

  128. Nelson says:

    Dying soldier. Last cigarette. Snookered again.

  129. Bess says:

    We’re all the same; everything burns.

  130. Bess says:

    We’re all the same; everyone burns.

  131. Mozy says:

    Distinguished and Extinguished…Number 1 Baller!

  132. Marinne says:

    Lucky stars burned out. Lighter sale.

  133. Lora says:

    Read message. Light flame. Destroy. CIA

  134. Lora says:

    Warning. New babysitter. Hidden camera inside.

  135. Lora says:

    Stop home robberies. Hidden camera inside.

  136. Dee M says:

    My flames fanned fair “Franny Farmer!”

  137. Meredith says:

    Sometimes arson’s the only way out.

  138. Erin says:

    One lucky strike away from home.

  139. Carrie says:

    Some balls are hotter than others.

  140. metheothertwin says:

    Old flame. Great rack. Plays game.

  141. dbh says:

    the golden ball by henry james

  142. dbh says:

    mellow yellow you’re the one

  143. dbh says:

    I love your color dear one

  144. dbh says:

    old flame. yellow. here and gone.

  145. dbh says:

    memorial souvenir of hemingway’s left testicle

  146. dbh says:

    czar nicholas’ long lost faberge lighter

  147. sgardens says:

    hey old flame: nice tattoo

  148. audreyj says:

    A jaundiced bowling ball I’m not

  149. Six Words, several numbers | Significant Objects says:

    [...] this morning I checked in on the progress of our Six Words Significant Objects contest, in collaboration with SmithMag. In its first 24 hours, the contest has attracted 144 submissions. [...]

  150. Gloria ives says:

    barroom smokers playing pool burn themselves

  151. Gloria ives says:

    Barroom smokers playing pool get burned

  152. Stephanie says:

    She learned fire burns two ways.

  153. DKitty says:

    Goodness Gracious one ball of fire!

  154. Matt Sullivan says:

    Smoking was my cue with you

  155. metheothertwin says:

    ‘Joke’ lighter: One ball. Eight others.

  156. metheothertwin says:

    Old flame. Burned once. Still available.

  157. Dr. Pahnee says:

    Rack ‘em if you got ‘em.

  158. Jane says:

    “Don’t play with fire,” warned Mother.

  159. Scott says:

    Murder weapon found. Maimed, then burned.

  160. Lucy says:

    Stole it from my boss’ desk.

  161. metheothertwin says:

    Billiard lighter. Anniversary gift. Doesn’t smoke.

  162. Lyn LeJeune says:

    End of the World: Escape Hatch

  163. Kelly Kreth says:

    Slightly used: ex-boyfriend left: lighter, me.

  164. Kelly Kreth says:

    Ex-boyfriend only left me lighter, used.

  165. smithwoman says:

    A smokin’ ball says it all

  166. JBP says:

    The flame was extinguished on cue.

  167. dramaqueen says:

    lucky charm (except for pool tables)

  168. Austin Wallace says:

    It’s flame burned burned more than me.

  169. Austin Wallace says:

    It’s flame burned more than me.

  170. Kelly Imperatore says:

    Urologist’s sick idea of a joke post-ballectomy.

  171. Kelly Imperatore says:

    Urologist’s twisted gift to patient post-ballectomy.

  172. zubloop says:

    My burned eyebrows, your warning arrow.

  173. Cassandra says:

    Benign model for what spewed hell.

  174. Dana in the 904 says:

    fireball, corner pocket. others follow smoke.

  175. skyblue says:

    My teenage son’s science fair project.

  176. ray uhler says:

    Number One Billiard Ball Candle Holder

  177. Angel Zapata says:

    Man with one ball lights cigarette.

  178. Angel Zapata says:

    Between empty pockets, one ball burns

  179. metheothertwin says:

    Discarded. Lighter. After break, no scratches

  180. metheothertwin says:

    Used. Lighter. Flame gone. Sometimes flickers.

  181. LNJD says:

    One more game isn’t an option.

  182. Zoeycorp says:

    Recycled engagement ring - She found out.

  183. Absolutekos says:

    Should have been a bocce ball.

  184. Absolutekos says:

    Hence the demand for flameproof felt.

  185. jbp says:

    It burns still with yellowed nostalgia.

  186. Absolutekos says:

    Kids these days! Always need excitement.

  187. jennmarie says:

    “God bless stickers,” Sue said, shaken.

  188. Absolutekos says:

    Furious One took over the table.

  189. Absolutekos says:

    Furious, One took over the table.

  190. Absolutekos says:

    Who invited this one to play?

  191. Absolutekos says:

    Never called him Minnesota Fats again.

  192. groley says:

    Insert ring here if flame out.

  193. Lindsey says:

    Got burned. Didn’t listen to arrow.

  194. smithwoman says:

    Flame up, roll on, chill out.

  195. The Manga Man says:

    Adam and Eve picked wrong apple.

  196. AKM says:

    One flame was all it took.

  197. AndiK says:

    A flame to ignite our chances

  198. Donna says:

    One light. One look. One kiss.

  199. Louis says:

    Me flame out
    Me need recharge

  200. Diana Hunter says:

    Pool cues to speed — Flame on!

  201. Cindy D says:

    Kitschy pool ball lighter — flamed out.

  202. Drew says:

    Place your dead matchsticks here . . . please.

  203. Sibley Harris says:

    He disappeared; I kept his lighter.

  204. Marcia C. says:

    Father’s Day gift burns house down.

  205. Christopher Nunez says:

    A little english, at jet speed!

  206. Christopher Nunez says:

    Now that’s what I call english!

  207. Paul deD says:

    Birthday present. Doesn’t smoke. Hates pool.

  208. Al Longden says:

    Thus he rode inescapably into space.

  209. Paul deD says:

    Anniversary gift. Thrift store. Dangerous purchase.

  210. Brandy Brow says:

    “Unfit!” Clubbers attack. Dejected, I flame.

  211. tamara says:

    Last present Rauschenberg ever gave me.

  212. Jon J says:

    Burnt fingers applied the final arrow.

  213. doc_wylie says:

    future palentologists will find religious significance.

  214. Danyu says:

    For some reason Hitler despised billiards.

  215. Timbo says:

    Pluto replaced with new planet: Pyronia.

  216. Paul deD says:

    Our first anniversary. She doesn’t smoke.

  217. Tammywoo says:

    The only thing hotter than Minnesota Fats.

  218. Tammywoo says:

    Only thing hotter than Minnesota Fats.

  219. Tbag says:

    If only I had a match.

  220. Catherine L says:

    For a memorable parlor trick, flick.

  221. Catherine L says:

    Shoot. My ball is on fire.

  222. Stace Budzko says:

    Willie Mosconi has nothing on me.

  223. S. Marcus Smith says:

    Oh speak to us, interesting ball.

  224. Sabrina says:

    Flame to signal mother ship. Busted.

  225. PauldeD says:

    Played with this lighter. Lost everything.

  226. PauldeD says:

    Found. Pool shark’s lighter. Missing parts.

  227. Anonymous says:

    Got drunk, now banned from Billiards.

  228. Laura E. says:

    Got drunk, now banned from Billiards.

  229. Jack C says:

    Odd ball, old flame, no more.

  230. D. Lohrding says:

    Retired 45 record adaptor, seeking flame.

  231. Linkpile says:

    [...] Contest: Write a Six-Word Story about a “Significant Object”: “Can you create Significance for this Object in just six words? The winning response will be published on the Significant Objects site, and more to the point, on its eBay store. Proceeds from that auction go to the author of the winning submission.” Click through for details. Deadline is Friday. [...]

  232. Robin Slick says:

    Batten down the crotches - flammable cueball!

  233. metheothertwin says:

    Caution! Ignites unexpectedly. One ball lighter.

  234. PauldeD says:

    Flaming yellow orb. Not the sun.

  235. scissorlips says:

    Has seen 2 wars, 3 marriages.

  236. scissorlips says:

    Religious relic from Papua New Guinea.

  237. scissorlips says:

    Saved my life in the mountains.

  238. Jo Ann Daniels says:

    I am the last ball standing.

  239. John says:

    Plaintiff’s Exhibit 3, Jackson Pepsi Commercial

  240. John says:

    Hijacking, my ass — *flick* . . . let’s roll . . .

  241. dilizzie says:

    His only flame that never disappeared

  242. Jon Lasser says:

    It never worked; he never won.

  243. Links for 11.1.09: Tape ties, rats, and matches « the listenerd says:

    [...] If you’re marvelously pithy, you can enter this Significant Objects contest, wherein you need to right a story of a thing in 6 words or [...]

  244. guesswho says:

    Come on baby, light my ball!

  245. Luigi says:

    Only pool fools
    carry such tools

  246. Luigi says:

    pool tool fuels
    cruel mule duels

  247. Steve says:

    Hello there. Is this thing on?

  248. Matt Cibula says:

    One cigarette; I was hers again.

  249. Luke says:

    I’ve always sucked at this game.

  250. Weekly Project Update | Significant Objects says:

    [...] up this week: If you haven’t already, you will enter our Six Word Contest with SmithMag, and perhaps join the ranks of Significant Objects contributors as a result; deadline is Friday. [...]

  251. Katherine says:

    Shakily, he lights another—“I’ll break.”

  252. Jo Ann Daniels says:

    I’m yella, but I’m no coward!

  253. josh says:

    Another ball, another match in.

  254. Jo Ann Daniels says:

    Put me in the side pocket.

  255. Seth says:

    Gleason: “To the moon, Fast Eddie.”

  256. sarah says:

    Blinded by fire; lost in heat.

  257. Kritika Kushwaha says:

    He shot. He lit. He smiled.

  258. Kritika Kushwaha says:

    Struck the ball. Saw the sparks.

  259. bibi says:

    1986. Flamed Out. Blue balls, yellow.

  260. aes says:

    Don’t smoke; Just needed the Light

  261. Claudia says:

    The one thing he’s buried with.

  262. Pete says:

    Never needed those eyebrows. Your rack?

  263. Jae1390 says:

    The ORIGINAL Great Ball of Fire.

  264. Jae1390 says:

    Hot News: Billiard Ball Steriod Scandal

  265. Jae1390 says:

    Inspired Feliciano’s “Light My Fire” cover.

  266. Sarah W says:

    His later “objets” were called derivative.

  267. Richard L says:

    Billiards masculinized me. What a lie.

  268. Emily says:

    There’s always something absurd to buy.

  269. metheothertwin says:

    Strange fireball. Left a fiery tale.

  270. metheothertwin says:

    Beat up lighter. Found in pool.

  271. Bess says:

    Nothing to tell - just quit smoking.

  272. Cal says:

    The Human Torch’s weekend lighter

  273. Paul K. Tunis says:

    Cradling his yellow baby—Optimus cried.

  274. SabrinaAnna* says:

    Yellow ball of flame lights game.

  275. SabrinaAnna* says:

    Lost my fire; found my ball.

  276. Reed says:

    I used to think labels unnecessary.

  277. Swivel Cherry says:

    Sharper Image designer forgets his meds

  278. Sabotaz says:

    “Do it!” he said. Did it.

  279. STC says:

    Slightly Used – South Jersey – CASH ONLY.

  280. Emily says:

    I hoard and hope it’s useful.

  281. Judith Borcelis says:

    1: HE pushed… “Let there be light!”

  282. avp says:

    Careful, spits fire on both ends.

  283. Peglar says:

    He held the lighter for me.

  284. Kelly Imperatore says:

    Comixx fired me for using props.

  285. Kelly Imperatore says:

    Unibal ventures out of pen sales.

  286. Originalprint says:

    Had pet tarantula for seven years.

  287. Chris says:

    The felt was scorched beyond repair.

  288. c. everett lymon says:

    I’m going crazy…I’m losing sleep.

  289. Dave Kessler says:

    Get the 2 have hot pockets

    What would I do with one?

    Was found in nun’s hope chest

    Trade a glass eye for it?

    Never called a game for darkness

  290. dan whittet says:

    revere beach summer night cheap thrills

  291. jesusangelgarcia says:

    Touch the flame-out hole. Touch it.

  292. Nelson says:

    Pool halls. Poetry. Cigarettes. Misspent youth.

  293. A Story in Six Words « Ex Libris Bob says:

    [...] 3, 2009 · Leave a Comment SMITH Mag, home of the six-word story, has launched a contest to see who could create the best six-word story for an inanimate object. I thought this was a [...]

  294. terbearick says:

    how regifting got started, true story

  295. terbearick says:

    butane ball plus impact equals disaster

  296. terbearick says:

    glad to see, or ball in pocket

  297. terbearick says:

    lemme have your ball, need light

  298. terbearick says:

    taliban holiday gifts, free with membership

  299. terbearick says:

    slices, dices and lights your reefer!

  300. terbearick says:

    pool hall, lighter ball, thanks y’all!

  301. metheothertwin says:

    Toy lighter. Found in crib. Used.

  302. metheothertwin says:

    Found. Area 51. Giant gumball. Red-hot.

  303. Keith Staskiewicz says:

    His burn-scarred visage grinned. “Trick shots?”

  304. Keith Staskiewicz says:

    “I hate billiards,” he remarked, ablaze.

  305. Keith Staskiewicz says:

    Sacramento Slim was banned for life.

  306. John says:

    Straffin’ Tu Do, “traded” my Zippo

  307. standards4happiness says:

    caution colored lighter. no longer needed.

  308. Jillian says:

    It makes your cigarette number one!

  309. Jason Lui says:

    Light my fire. Lead my way.

  310. Serena Becker says:

    This, as opposed to “flame in”

  311. Steve says:

    Product recall. Too hot and bothered.

  312. Lorri McDole says:

    I’m a pyro, not a shark.

  313. methethirdtwin says:

    Lost. Last Seen. Michael Jackson’s rectum.

  314. methefouurthtwin says:

    Trade. Cigarette Lighter. For baby shoes.

  315. WSWPoet says:

    Her dead hand clutched, this lighter.

  316. WSWPoet says:

    Hide it Somewhere! And she smiled.

  317. Jules Pieri says:

    A warm worry stone comforts best.

  318. Jules Pieri says:

    He could never get it right.

  319. Jules Pieri says:

    He wore two year old fads.

  320. Jules Pieri says:

    It came back from Iwo Jima.

  321. Jules Pieri says:

    She has a crystal. He, this.

  322. Jules Pieri says:

    Big hit in his own shower.

  323. Jules Pieri says:

    The scamp chose an unfortunate toy.

  324. Jules Pieri says:

    It never quite worked the room.

  325. Jules Pieri says:

    People got scared. Stopped smoking.

  326. Jules Pieri says:

    It recorded office smoker conversations.

  327. Jules Pieri says:

    It heard all the petty complaints.

  328. Jules Pieri says:

    She had to leave him, now.

  329. Jules Pieri says:

    The last straw. Wrong touch, again.

  330. JB says:

    Her favorite weapons looked like toys.

  331. Niccolo Seligmann says:

    Unfortunate accident: not a pool ball.

  332. Lorri McDole says:

    Smooth and round, hot and dangerous.

  333. Jason says:

    In his drawer, after the war.

  334. Jae1390 says:

    Color-changing ball prototype. Patent pending.

  335. Jae1390 says:

    Limited edition Swiss-Army Billiard Ball

  336. j says:

    Dr. Doom’s anti-Human Torch billiard ball

  337. Nelson says:

    Shattered window. Fiery message: “Done Playing!!”

  338. Nelson says:

    Sizzling aim. Consolation prize. Shooting stripes.

  339. Angel Zapata says:

    Flammable pool tables were no match

  340. metheothertwin says:

    Alien spacecraft. Booster rocket still works.

  341. Angel Zapata says:

    Hustlers were on fire that night.

  342. Angel Zapata says:

    Nobody saw the arsonist switch balls.

  343. Lorri McDole says:

    Fire ball in the corner pocket.

  344. Jerry Constantino says:

    Two–fifteen, cool to the touch.

  345. Angel Zapata says:

    Fortunately, the “2” ball shot water.

  346. Kritika Kushwaha says:

    “Fire ball…….colliding………Earth………remain ca..”

  347. Patty says:

    It rolled…fires blazed. Easy.

  348. Mr. Rick says:

    He understood. The game was fixed.

  349. David M says:

    The flame out: cause or effect?

  350. RisaBee says:

    Fiery souled orb enlightens bad habits.

  351. PauldeD says:

    Stolen. Bond movie gadget. Q questioned.

  352. John says:

    Sharking Papa in Havana, Plimpton scratched.

  353. John says:

    “Nice work, Q.”
    “Explosively sensitive, Bond.”

  354. Laurence Ross says:

    Anniversary gift: she misinterpreted my metaphor.

  355. Bess Catherine says:

    It’s yours now. Don’t be cautious.

  356. Bess Catherine says:

    Flame out? Reignite your life today.

  357. Nelson says:

    Husband sought hot plaything. Game over.

  358. Nelson says:

    Wife adored No. 1. Got burnt.

  359. adam says:

    “gotta light? I SAID LIGHTER…oh”

  360. Significant Objects on Brian Lehrer Show | Significant Objects says:

    [...] it’s 11:40 or after, and you’re a Brian Lehrer Show listener, here’s a link to participate in our Six Words contest collaboration with SmithMag. (Obviously everybody is welcome, not just Lehrer listeners.) Create Significance for the lighter [...]

  361. Kritika Kushwaha says:

    Fire ball one. Over and out.

  362. Kritika Kushwaha says:

    “Fire ball…….colliding………Earth………remain ca.”

  363. Bill says:

    This should keep the yeti away.

  364. PauldeD says:

    Tabletop curio: prehistoric alligator eye. Petrified.

  365. Jo Ann Daniels says:

    The sun and I are cousins.

  366. Jo Ann Daniels says:

    Me and the sun are cousins.

  367. superf88 says:

    granite countertops + significance = luxury

    (counting symbols as words)

  368. Chris F. says:

    She fired the shot, she missed.

  369. melissa l. k. says:

    Marilyn loved pool shtick… who knew?

  370. imp says:

    Flaming glory, for sake of story.

  371. Andrea Clark says:

    The favorite lighter of “Minnesota Fats.”

  372. Melanie says:

    This will make me more manly.

  373. Andrea Clark says:

    Won by Mosconi from “Minnesota Fats.”

  374. imp says:

    Have a ball…playing with fire!

  375. Andrea Clark says:

    From Newman to Gleason, both Hustlers.

  376. imp says:

    “Hadouken,” he announced, “in corner pocket.”

  377. Jon says:

    shiny, shy, serviceable, slight, subtle, seductive

  378. imp says:

    I’m giving my ball to charity.

  379. J.D.F. says:

    Burning for the felt lady’s touch.

  380. J.D.F. says:

    Not so great ball of fire.

  381. Patricia says:

    He racks. She smokes outside, waiting.

  382. Sayantani DasGupta says:

    Pool hall Promethius, Pandora’s ball.

  383. Doc says:

    Looking glum?
    Flip — Think –
    Number One!

  384. Susan says:

    Scent of a ball of fire

  385. Eleanore says:

    Dad left this Mom, no note.

  386. LTC says:

    Found at Denny’s. Call me. Coffee?

  387. Katie Royce says:

    And this, Officer, in the jacket.

  388. Matt says:

    007 and Cher shared my flame.

  389. Smilee sez says:

    Coffin gadget to light the way.

  390. Smilee sez says:

    Yes! I inherited Jackie Gleason’s lighter.

  391. Smilee sez says:

    Flipped the switch; saw the light.

  392. dogseat says:

    Hot 1 seeking cue for play.

  393. Em says:

    Ignoring instructions was my first mistake

  394. Em says:

    Put flame in. I dare you.

  395. Jody says:

    Dangerous gag gifts pleased her most.

  396. BillR says:

    Another novelty gift. He’ll never change.

  397. BillR says:

    Maybe a dirty bomb was next.

  398. BobbyM says:

    Pawned the cue for some crack.

  399. Nelson says:

    Hustled twins. Combination. Kissing the one.

  400. Nelson says:

    Burning hopes. Bad breaks. Ball bounces.

  401. Six-Word Contest: Time’s Almost Up | Significant Objects says:

    [...] is 8 pm Eastern tonight; we’ll pick a winner and publish early next week. Read/enter/do both: here. The significance of this object has been invented by the author; see the project description for [...]

  402. Abby Ellin says:

    The eight ball inhales for you .

  403. Chris says:

    Ironic use did not spare larynx.

  404. Chris says:

    Fifteen, and my mother never knew.

  405. Jo Ann Daniels says:

    You left, my flame went out.

  406. Booth says:

    On cue, I smoked and played.

  407. Elizabeth says:

    A hidden danger of nuclear proportion!

  408. Jerry Constantino says:

    That’s one for (COUGH!) my baby…

  409. Cary D says:

    Ball nestled in pocket. Big mistake.

  410. Kritika Kushwaha says:

    His last light was my first.

  411. Rob Potato says:

    “You lose,” she puffed. True. Again.

  412. Stacey says:

    Keepsake urn…Eternal flame on cue.

  413. Jenny C says:

    The ball was found amidst ashes.

  414. bellasouls says:

    eight ball? nope but i burn!

  415. ESW says:

    Lewis’ “great ball of fire” muse.

  416. Chris says:

    His clothes functioned as a wick.

  417. Tina says:

    A glassy lighter for glassy eyes.

  418. Cheesegrl280 says:

    Never hitting lighter pool ball again.

  419. JB says:

    Her lighter had no rough edges.

  420. Jody says:

    Fluid leak may cause disfiguring burns.

  421. Jody says:

    The drought caused the dry underbrush.

  422. Lorri McDole says:

    Shark turned pyro for more money.

  423. Lorri McDole says:

    Morrison’s. Pyro became a funeral pyre.

  424. Champy says:

    I didn’t fit in his pocket.

  425. Ronnie the Bear says:

    “…the whip!” “Throw me the oneball!”

  426. Chiqui says:

    Welcome to the ‘Ball of Flame’

  427. sisterpoet says:

    Size really doesn’t matter-does it?

  428. Jo Ann Daniels says:

    You thinking I’m a suicide bomber!

  429. Kritika Kushwaha says:

    His last light became my first.

  430. Power Outage | Significant Objects says:

    [...] soon), and (b) the week that we’ll announce the winner of the Significant Objects/SmithMag six-word story contest. Please visit us as often as you like… The significance of this object has been invented by [...]

  431. The future (?) of Significant Objects (Part One) | Significant Objects says:

    [...] today we’ll publish the winner of our Six-Word Contest with SmithMag. And later this week we’ll post our 100th Significant [...]

  432. Six-Word winner: Here it comes | Significant Objects says:

    [...] the five runners-up tomorrow. There were about 430 submissions, which make for fun reading, here. Once again it was a very tough choice, so big thanks to all who participated. We think [...]

  433. Lighter Shaped Like Small Pool Ball | Significant Objects says:

    [...] on this Significant Object, with story by (Six-Word Story Contest winner) Rob Agredo, [...]

  434. And the Winners of Six Words on a Significant Object Is… | Not Quite What I Was Blogging says:

    [...] submitting more than 430 entries from as close as across the hall to as far as at least India for Six Words on a Significant Object. The contest was a collaboration with Significant Objects, the brainchild of Joshua Glenn and Rob [...]

  435. Six Word Contest: The Runners-Up | Significant Objects says:

    [...] was, of course, an excruciating choice. Peruse the 400+ entries here and see what you think. Our runners up (in no specific order) are as [...]

  436. Fiction Writers Review » Blog Archive » Significant Objects says:

    [...] Hemingway story: “For sale, baby shoes, never worn.”) Read all the entries are here; if you’re the flip-to-the-end-of-the-mystery type, winner and runners-up are [...]

  437. Sold! At $4.50 a Word…. | Editors’ Blog says:

    [...] wasn’t easy to arrive at one winner—scroll through the entries—or, more than 400 ways of looking at one thing, six words at a [...]

  438. Salvatore Buttaci says:

    Where are the list of winners in the pool-ball contest?


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    [...] readers of the Editor’s Blog might remember our Six-Word Story contest for Significant Objects: the online project that pairs cheap thrift store finds with notable [...]

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