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Reader Challenge: Six Words on Water

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

By Larry Smith

Our friends over at TreeHugger and Planet Green have been devoting lots of virtual space lately to exploring our oceans and waterways in their month-long feature, Blue August. That got SMITH thinking about a Six-Word Challenge about one of summer’s treats and earth’s increasingly rare resources: water. Whether your half-dozen well-chosen words are about water worries (”Save water, shower with a friend”) or the joys of jumping into the deep blue sea (”Oldster surfing: Call it ‘Gray Crush’”), we want your six words on water. Three winners will receive a Spreadshirt tee that shows off their six wet words.

Leave your entry in the comments area below. And we’ll tweet some of our favorites along the way. If you tweet this contest or your own entry, please use the tag #6Wwater.

The contest ends on August 31 (5pm est), and winners will be announced on September 8.

Creative Commons photo, “Through droplets,” from Flickr user hamedmasoumi.

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470 responses

  1. Chica says:

    Wet dream: Fresh water for everyone

  2. Chica says:

    Alternate version - Wet dream: Fresh water for all

  3. Jordy says:

    Bottled water? No way. Tap, please.

  4. Mem says:

    Never water, always soda. So unhealthy.

  5. Gene says:

    An empty beach in the dark

  6. sandy says:

    not a drop to drink anywhere

  7. Amy MMP Hurley says:

    ancestors left the deep memories remain

  8. Jacqueline G. Hurley says:

    Crystal clear brook means water flowing

  9. roningirl says:

    water: good to the last drop

  10. Jo Ann Daniels says:

    Water is precious! Visit the desert.

  11. Mare says:

    Water. Essential to all gene pools.

  12. Jo Ann Daniels says:

    When the wells dry, my! my!

  13. Voodoo_Lady says:

    It tastes good when not polluted.

  14. Voodoo_Lady says:

    So good for you, drink up!

  15. Robin Slick says:

    Only Jesus lizards walk on water

  16. Robin Slick says:

    This stream shall not prevent me…

  17. Robin Slick says:

    Cross river of worldliness, attain deliverance

  18. Robin Slick says:

    Stupidly thought water sports meant swimming

  19. Voodoo_Lady says:

    Keep it clean for the future.

  20. Voodoo_Lady says:

    H2O is as precious as Au.

  21. Jo Ann Daniels says:

    Water: The source of our being.

  22. metheothertwin says:

    Wasting world will wither without water

  23. Delilah Enhorabuena says:

    Hard water gave me kidney stones.

  24. E. Joyce says:

    The Ocean roars. I hear God.

  25. aprilsunny says:

    On water:

    It’s in our veins. Don’t pollute!

  26. Ailanna says:

    Liquid water: why Earth isn’t Venus.

  27. jah says:

    Water? I guess I’d tap that.

  28. Christa says:

    Toes need a place to dip!

  29. fx says:

    In Clear Blue Water, Please Believe

  30. VeeMichal says:

    Water is the new gold standard.

  31. Daniel says:

    Water - even fish fuck in it!

  32. VeeMichal says:

    “Rain on Me” acid free water.

  33. VeeMichal says:

    At first, there was only water.
    At end, there was only dust.

  34. Sol Fyre says:

    Liquid element
    Give life, bring life
    Nourish and restore, Water

  35. Voodoo_Lady says:

    Power to heal and destroy, water.

  36. Holly Maudsley says:

    I drink it when I’m thirsty!

  37. Voodoo_Lady says:

    Blue isn’t sad, blue is water.

  38. Voodoo_Lady says:

    “Purple Rain” is my favorite song.

  39. Voodoo_Lady says:

    Need it for those 10,000 Lakes.

  40. Jude says:

    Best to drink when ice cold!

  41. Jo Ann Daniels says:

    Parting, of the red sea- water!

  42. Jude says:

    Earth without water means dead planet

  43. Jude says:

    Water conservation means using it wisely!

  44. Voodoo_Lady says:

    Salty surfs, ragging rivers, calm creeks.

  45. Jude says:

    Pitcher it, not down the drain

  46. Jude says:

    Conserving water can start with YOU.

  47. Jude says:

    Imagine a world without water. NOT

  48. Jude says:

    Remember: Life cannot exist without water.

  49. Jude says:

    How many baths from a rainstorm?

  50. D.H. says:

    drop bubble swirl wave crest crash

  51. Merrianne says:

    We need clean water to live.

  52. Jude says:

    Imagine there’s no water. The End

  53. JB says:

    Rain, Rain, Don’t go away…etc.

  54. Jude says:

    Trying holding H2O in your hand.

  55. JB says:

    OMG! H2O can make me LMAO!

  56. shopmills says:

    water. it’s not just for whales.

  57. barefootgal says:

    Feeds my thirst, and my soul.

  58. metheothertwin says:

    save it for a rainy day

  59. missfortune says:

    It’s power has always scared me.

  60. shopemills says:

    For new views, wander under water.

  61. sasha writes says:

    The snowman left a puddle.

  62. sasha writes says:

    The river is flowing on by.

  63. Michelle says:

    Destructive, beautiful. Tastes good with ice.

  64. sasha writes says:

    Moonlight is dancing across the pond

  65. di4 says:

    chakra two: water - feel, desire, change

  66. sasha writes says:

    Crystal droplets fall from emerald leaves.

  67. Jenny says:

    Molecules resemble Mickey Mouse, who knew?

  68. AnaW says:

    Summer rain drops killing my loneliness

  69. AnaW says:

    The rain kissed the red rose.

  70. AnaW says:

    Reading the water, finding the truth.

  71. AnaW says:

    As the fish beneath the water.

  72. SWS says:

    Where did all the water go?

  73. SWS says:

    It was here; cold as ice.

  74. SWS says:

    Where did the fresh water flow?

  75. SWS says:

    Over the parched lands growing rice.

  76. SWS says:

    If we ignore we’ll never know.

  77. SWS says:

    Where will water come from then.

  78. Jen says:

    Gentle Rain. Hurricane. All the same.

  79. Jen says:

    Ocean waves sound like earth breathing.

  80. Morf Morford says:

    Unnameable. Untameable. Wild ocean. Releases me.

  81. HECKMONWYKE says:


  82. HECKMONWYKE says:


  83. HECKMONWYKE says:


  84. Sumarie says:

    Blessing and obstacle. Life and death.

  85. Sumarie says:

    I always drink the water, anyway.

  86. Sumarie says:

    Swim, swim, swim go the fish!

  87. Sumarie says:

    Green, green turtle dips her toe.

  88. Sumarie says:

    Stone gardens worthier than thirsty humans.

  89. Sumarie says:

    I’ve been a mermaid, in dreams.

  90. Sumarie says:

    Even if one person is thirsty…

  91. Sumarie says:

    It is not blue; it’s sparkly.

  92. Amanda says:

    I have never seen the ocean.

  93. Amanda says:

    Frozen and in small amounts, please.

  94. Amanda says:

    All this water’s making me thirsty.

  95. Sandra Whit says:

    Water, the only essence of life.

  96. gabi macewan says:

    the sea witch waves at me

  97. missfortune says:

    pacific tsunami. 2 Hydrogen, 1 Oxymoron.

  98. Jo Ann Daniels says:

    No water, no coffee for two.

  99. JDM says:

    Drink water, live long and prosper.

  100. Jo Ann Daniels says:

    Raindrops, coming from the tin-top roofs.

  101. Francis DiClemente says:

    I almost drowned during my baptism.

  102. Dan says:

    Happiness: summer rain on bald head

  103. Dan says:

    Water is the artery of life

  104. Dan says:

    Rivers are roads made by God

  105. Dan says:

    Rainfall lullabies calm my weary soul

  106. Dan says:

    Dry wells teach worth of water

  107. Jo Ann Daniels says:

    Don’t over estimate water’s power.

  108. Jo Ann Daniels says:

    Don’t over estimate our water’s power.

  109. metheothertwin says:

    I entered a wet t-shirt contest

  110. Marc Staniford says:

    Humans: Ugly bags of mostly water.

  111. Marc Staniford says:

    Rain: Texas would like some, please.

  112. Shari Berkowitz says:

    He jetskiied East; I sailed West.

  113. Shari Berkowitz says:

    Ride a surfboard to feel uplifted!

  114. Glenn Motowidlak says:

    Breathing under water in glowing night

  115. Kay Dennison says:

    White sand. Blue water. Total peace.

  116. Shari Berkowitz says:

    Starboard or port, sail towards destiny…

  117. ray uhler says:

    I Came. I Saw. I Gurgled.

  118. Donato Schimizzi says:

    THANK GOD for water especially HOT

  119. JB says:

    I’m 60% FULL of IT…You?

  120. Michael Van Kerckhove says:

    Sorry, still can’t take short showers.

  121. val says:

    eau. agua. mizu. wasser. water. ahhhhh.

  122. val says:

    surfers say: drink water, it’s swell!

  123. R.F. Marazas says:

    Future water could be a mirage.

  124. JB says:

    Got ticketed! Open Water Bottle Law

  125. val says:

    surfers say: ocean conservation is swell!

  126. sambpoet says:

    I remember pre-cataclysm water, don’t you?

  127. JB says:

    Quench, One bottle at at time!

  128. sambpoet says:

    Water water everywhere: Don’t drink it!

  129. JB says:

    Water saves Lives, Live to Save!

  130. sambpoet says:

    Poseidon gags on the polluted waters.

  131. Angel says:

    Save Water: shower with many friends!

  132. sambpoet says:

    Waste not; want not. Water? Not!

  133. Angel says:

    I think my water just broke!

  134. sambpoet says:

    H two…Oh, you’d prefer wine?

  135. sambpoet says:

    Agua Muerta: water for the dead.

  136. scubagirl says:

    Save the oceans, and dolphins dance.

  137. Charles says:

    In excess: What sustains can suffocate.

  138. scubagirl says:

    I exale, watching my bubbles rise.

  139. scubagirl says:

    Some crisp clean well water please.

  140. Lee says:

    Wash, Drink, Grow; clean, healthy, fed

  141. Lee says:

    Need water for our very existence

  142. marata says:

    Wild surf, too strong, scary undertow

  143. marata says:

    dead fish floating, poisoned water kills

  144. marata says:

    Forest floor smells wet from rain.

  145. allforsurrender says:

    The only place I feel me.

  146. missfortune says:

    Oh, water!….You make me wet!

  147. missfortune says:

    She said, “Evaporate, drip!” He cried.

  148. Shari Berkowitz says:

    In Phoenix, raindrops are precious jewels.

  149. Betty says:

    The ocean is nature’s neti pot.

    Alternate version:

    The ocean my giant neti pot

  150. sasha writes says:

    Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic, Earth’s Placenta.

  151. sasha writes says:

    ride the waves, set yourself free.

  152. Alina says:

    Water runs. Thoughts drop.Infinity flows.

  153. Lee says:

    Here’s water little plant, please grow

  154. Lee says:

    Make mud pies and get clean

  155. Linda says:

    Please conserve. My well’s effected, too.

  156. Linda says:

    Rode the mourning wave; beached myself.

  157. Serendipity says:

    Hot yoga. Cool water. Balance restored.

  158. Offkilter says:

    Water me and I will grow.

  159. Morf Morford says:

    Abyss alive. Drown. Giveth & taketh away.

  160. Morf Morford says:

    Yes, the river knows: Eternity flows.

  161. Shari Berkowitz says:

    Ole Man River still rollin’ along…

  162. Serendipity says:

    can’t imagine living life land locked

  163. EKSwitaj says:

    Without water there would only be …

  164. Sue B. says:

    You cannot swim in a desert.

  165. BJ says:

    Reflecting back the sky a little.

  166. Sue B. says:

    Water feels sensuous on my skin.

  167. Sue B. says:

    Water is the elixir of life!

  168. Sue B. says:

    Without water, everything dies. Enough said.

  169. MsM says:

    Well? Deep subject. Father drilled them.

  170. Sue B. says:

    Water quenches more than just thirst.

  171. Sue B. says:

    Made of water–drink me in!

  172. Sue B. says:

    Made of water–take a sip!

  173. Jo Ann Daniels says:

    She gets dirty, just to bathe.

  174. Jo Ann Daniels says:

    Water bottle more enticing than glass.

  175. androtron says:

    I’ve no passion for land, goodbye.

  176. Sharon Michalove says:

    Bike, barge on Po, vacation barcarole.

  177. annieswan says:

    Adolescent nightmare: waves drag bikini down.

  178. pannonica says:

    Anomalously expands when frozen. Quite unusual.

  179. pannonica says:

    Vent worms show water trumps sun.

  180. pannonica says:

    A splash brings whiskey to life.

  181. pannonica says:

    Rain, rain, go away. Come again!

  182. pannonica says:

    Without its power, no Grand Canyon.

  183. pannonica says:

    Under the bridge, over the dam?

  184. Paul D says:

    Come on in, the water’s fine

  185. MzJanice says:

    Peaceful touch through the ocean’s sound

  186. MzJanice says:

    Ocean’s music sings songs of Peace

  187. MzJanice says:

    My soul lifted through gentle waves

  188. MzJanice says:

    My tears fill the ocean deep

  189. MzJanice says:

    Love As Deep As Ocean’s Blue

  190. MzJanice says:

    The water’s fun join on in

  191. MzJanice says:

    Rejuvenate Refill Regularly
    Refresh With Water

  192. MzJanice says:

    Clean Today’s Water
    Recycle Today’s Trash

  193. MzJanice says:

    Sea Life Speak

    “Help Save Me”

  194. MzJanice says:

    Help Save

  195. msaraann says:

    You and me made of sea.

  196. gwhitt says:

    Rain should be H20. Not H2SO4

  197. gwhitt says:

    Don’t drink water. Fish pee there.

  198. gwhitt says:

    Rain is orgasmic. Makes me wet.

  199. gwhitt says:

    Water on knee needs tap on head.

  200. anj says:

    Water both scares and exhilerates me.

  201. Elisa S. says:

    Conserve water: drink scotch, hold rocks.

  202. NJJ51 says:

    water is wet….water is sweat….

  203. Rok says:

    Drink it. Enjoy it. Sweat it.

  204. Bryan says:

    Ones needs, save it for all

  205. Karen Chaffee says:

    From swollen clouds flowed life-giving water.

  206. Cari says:

    My soul consists of salt water

  207. Shawn Colleen says:

    Liquid life, giving never taking, abused.

  208. Lindsay says:

    Mountain stream dances, sings. Heaven’s art

  209. linda says:

    We float, break, drift then evaporate.

  210. justin says:

    well water waiter winner tee shirt!

  211. ~Stacybutterfly says:

    We must conserve, reuse, honor water!

  212. Ada says:

    Clear Refreshing
    Life Existence

  213. Dacvide says:

    Life without water is death

  214. Davide says:

    Water brings life, cherish it

  215. Vallabh Rao says:

    water , the word makes me thirsty

  216. Vallabh Rao says:

    Water gives life , give water life

  217. Nikki says:

    Pure life flows with serene power.

  218. Phyllis says:

    Abundant,powerful, rolling, God like necessity!

  219. Bethany says:

    life, needed, clear, clean. free, & here

  220. Vallabh Rao says:

    Dont waste water i’ll getya wet

  221. francisca garcia says:

    Infinite The Blue Ray of life

  222. Vallabh Rao says:

    water for 400 bucks?conserve water

  223. Vallabh Rao says:

    Take your grandkids to water museum

  224. Marcia Gaye says:

    Water - We have all we get.

  225. Marcia Gaye says:

    Water. We can’t make more. Understand?

  226. Marcia Gaye says:

    Use it up before it’s gone.

  227. Marcia Gaye says:

    Fog, rain, hurricane - all in perception.

  228. Marcia Gaye says:

    Fog, rain, hurricane - perceptions of precipitation.

  229. asmaa.balagh says:

    essential, fresh, clean, tasty, drink alot

  230. Jennifer says:

    H2Ohhhhh water . . . you make me wet!

  231. Nicole Marie Redisi says:

    Life, Love, Pale, Deep Blue Blood.

  232. rgardener says:

    You won’t know until it’s gone

  233. Francis DiClemente says:

    Used rubber discovered in swimming pool.

  234. Amy C. says:

    Please buy a reusable water bottle.

  235. DoomedToPenNames says:

    Godsend in the band’s asphalt desert.

  236. DoomedToPenNames says:


    waterfalls of ambiguity

  237. Everyday Ecstasy says:

    blue planet. liquid refreshment for all

  238. Everyday Ecstasy says:

    Water loves me, inside and out

  239. Everyday Ecstasy says:

    Water, a liquid God. Thank you.

  240. Everyday Ecstasy says:

    Water; Giver and Receiver of Life

  241. Everyday Ecstasy says:

    Drink, Wash, Anoint, Baptize, Bath. Thanks.

  242. Everyday Ecstasy says:

    Splash, drip, drop, kerplunk, dunk! Fun!

  243. Everyday Ecstasy says:

    Big, Blue, Deep, Wide… Hold me

  244. Everyday Ecstasy says:

    The Mother of all Life. Amen.

  245. Everyday Ecstasy says:

    Imagining a Healthy, Vibrant Ocean. Swell!

  246. chuck says:

    My immortal, clear life quencher.

  247. Veronica Bach says:

    reliving the womb with each dip!

  248. Veronica Bach says:

    thank you, whale and dolphin home

  249. Ann Aura says:

    deep, mysterious, quiet, silk floating comfort.

  250. Ann Aura says:

    sensuous enveloping breath of life world

  251. Ann Aura says:

    Jemanja, oh Jemanja!
    Sparkling, mystical life!

  252. JW says:

    Want to conserve water? Quit breeding.

  253. jessicamasdelabrada says:

    We are water inside and out.
    Water is life, life is water.
    Water is for all of us.
    Life and death affected by water.
    Water drips deeply into my soul.
    Water drips into my very being.
    Pure, life-giving water for eternity.
    Save the world by saving water.
    Rain from heaven gives us life.
    People, plants, animals all need water.

  254. jessicamasdelabrada says:

    We need water to keep alive.
    Water maintains beauty in this world.
    Water’s power over us is eternal.
    Water gives life and takes lives.
    Water is wealth, health, and life.
    Please God, give us all water.
    May we always have enough water.
    Simply quench your thirst with water.
    Quench the world’s thirst with water.
    Pray for enough water for all.

  255. androtron says:

    a better zen garden, wait, watch

  256. Lizz TianNah Christed says:

    Flowing, Emotion, Healer, Purifying, Magnifying Transducer

    I LovE you, Water!!



  257. Lizz TianNah Christed says:

    70% of Humankind; 70% of Earth

  258. lmattozz says:

    Surfing gets me wet even indoors.

  259. lmattozz says:

    Half full, half empty … half water.

  260. lmattozz says:

    Feeling blue? Swim into the ocean!

  261. lmattozz says:

    Water in three states. Limited access.

  262. Kalen says:

    Frothy edge, tingling feet, pulling sand

  263. Everyday Ecstasy says:

    Liquid Goddess, you make me wet…

  264. Denise P. says:

    love, joy, cleansing, enormous, incredible, awe-inspiring

  265. Jan says:

    cradles whale memories and dophin dreams

  266. Jennifer says:

    Our most precious resource-respect it!

  267. Jennifer says:

    drink, swim, play, watch, need, enjoy

  268. Vallabh Rao says:

    water conserve it or drown in it

  269. Prabhath P says:

    Precious water, life’s elixir, Earth’s blood

  270. Jennifer Hough says:

    alive light-holder life-giving joy-giving in me

  271. Jennifer Hough says:

    connecting us to our ocean within

  272. Jennifer Hough says:

    magnificent conductor of powerful life force

  273. Jennifer Hough says:

    Waves of pure possbility surround us

  274. Kat says:

    water is eighty percent of me

  275. Everyday Ecstasy says:

    Totally immersed in you, I remember…

  276. skybric says:

    Water: Sweet, life, and God’s Genius.

  277. metheothertwin says:

    I like mine fresh with ice

  278. Dee M says:

    Water asks little but needs tlc.

    Water! Precious water, everywhere, or Not!

    Alas, Jack&Jill hill produced no water.

    Respect water. It’s life’s sustaining element.

    “And, next: Let there be ‘Water.’ ”

    Got H20? Doesn’t leave a mustache!

  279. Dee M says:

    Good Idea to promote water care.
    Inform me of other “free” contest.

  280. Moo says:

    Water, like love, impossible to grasp.

  281. Goddess Minister says:

    Wonderful Water is Healing Liquid Love

  282. Oshun Morning Star says:

    My companions of the sea, how I love thee.
    Let us surf the waves.
    Aloha Beloveds!

  283. Oshun Morning Star says:

    Splashing, surfing, swirling, spinning through the ocean of life bringers of joy in the cosmic sea of consciousness.

  284. Oshun Morning Star says:

    I meet you in the sea
    We swim, wild and free
    Time disappears
    Boundaries dissolve
    We are one

  285. Oshun Morning Star says:

    I wait on shore till you arrive
    I grab my boogie board
    We go for a ride
    My heart is over flowing with love and joy
    We play leaf tag
    You win

  286. Nobody Special says:

    Water: Tasteless. Yet So Very Satisfying!

  287. C.A. Marin says:

    pH of H2O? Don’t wanna know.

  288. Valerie says:

    Water, the giver of Life - so sacred & pure!

  289. Valerie says:

    Pure tasting, smelling, giver off Life

  290. Drew Fernandez says:

    Drip Drop Splish Splash Wave ________
    (fill in yours. Drink,Surf,Swim,Row….)

  291. craig says:

    H to the mutherfuckin’ 2 O!

  292. JarieLyn says:

    Serenity adrift. That’s my water story.

  293. der_bayer says:

    Pure Fresh Clean Life Our Future

  294. linda says:

    Succinct and deep

  295. cmoon says:

    soup of life, awesome life preserver

  296. Alana says:

    sea side
    summer storm
    sand: stop!

  297. Efi B. says:

    our body continuously produces watered liquids: tears..sweat..sperm,nose stuff…,shawls…blood…
    not bad huh?…

  298. metheothertwin says:

    Conserve water remembering these six words

  299. wolfgirl says:

    Why every little drop counts

  300. greeneyed.pigirl says:

    inspirational, pulsating, creation, life’s heartbeat, caressing

  301. suzm1QT says:

    Contemplate the world beneath the waves

  302. greeneyed.pigirl says:

    vein of life, mother nature’s milk

  303. linda says:

    “Water? It’s over-rated”; screamed the drowning man..

  304. lefty says:

    Ocean’s power
    World’s craving
    Life’s necessity

  305. feywriter says:

    Europe’s water is the bubbly kind.

  306. peachy44 says:

    wet kisses
    wet lips

  307. peachy44 says:

    we are water,
    save yourself first

  308. peachy44 says:

    from water to wine
    how divine

  309. peachy44 says:

    oceans & seas,
    lakes & rivers,
    you & me

  310. jennballet says:

    salty, velvet, wet, love of sea

  311. Jennifer says:

    I’m not fat. I’m conserving water!

  312. Jennifer says:

    Water conservation: the choice is clear.

  313. Jennifer says:

    Raise a glass, not a bottle.

  314. Jennifer says:

    Water: What A Totally Essential Resource!

  315. Jennifer says:

    Water is the definition of Delicious.

    (Remember the book, “The Search for Delicious”?)

  316. Jennifer says:

    Delicious and nutritious. Tastes like water.

  317. Jennifer says:

    For best results: just add water.

  318. TimMex says:

    the blood of earth brings life

  319. Jennifer says:

    H2O: the perfect menage a trois.

  320. Jennifer says:

    I have water on the brain.

  321. Bethe says:

    Rain cleanses the earth. Keep clean.

  322. Bethe says:

    Drank out of springs as kid.

  323. Bethe says:

    High dive: Held nose, jumped. Splash!

  324. Bethe says:

    Love waterfalls, springs, rivers, lakes, oceans.

  325. Bethe says:

    Refreshing water: drink, swim, clean, save.

  326. linda says:

    “Water? Over-rated”, spluttered the drowning man.

  327. waldo says:

    No water? No wander. No wonder.

  328. waldo says:

    Waterboarding works. Didn’t I tell you?

  329. Reid says:

    Poseidon’s playground abundantly provides and destroys

  330. Alex Ferguson says:

    most important thing within our universe

  331. bleubunny says:

    walking along creek. flow leads us.

  332. cactus flower says:

    Makes me thirsty. Not!

  333. Elmi says:

    I need, therefore, I drink (water).

  334. Forever vigilant says:

    Contaminate….watch me die.

  335. AMO says:

    Life, Pure, Energy, Wavy, Crystal Water

  336. D’Louise says:

    Water - I need you like air.

  337. Dyan Titchnell says:

    Flavored frozen water, solid liquid treats.

  338. Dyan Titchnell says:

    Water, like emotion, ebbs and flows.

  339. shaunyata says:

    Vegas called. They need more water.

  340. Voodoo_Lady says:

    Sex in hot tub requires water.

  341. Voodoo_Lady says:

    Snowboarding without snow would be sad.

  342. Voodoo_Lady says:

    Minnesota is all lakes and snow.

  343. Voodoo_Lady says:

    Keep the snowflakes pure and beautiful!

  344. Brandi says:

    Create Blue Life Through Aqua

  345. lady lekha says:

    I am so thirsty without you.

  346. lady lekha says:

    My thirst cries in your absence.

  347. lady lekha says:

    I need you my love, I’m thirsty.

  348. Dan says:

    The wise would never waste water

  349. Dan says:

    Words of wisdom: never waste water.

  350. Dan says:

    Dry wells taught me water’s worth.

  351. TheFeyFox says:

    Rainbows set free , droplets glorious gift .

  352. TheFeyFox says:

    Rain, tin roof , sweet wet percussion .

  353. TheFeyFox says:

    Geyser, Earth’s hot blood spewing forth.

  354. TheFeyFox says:

    No Doubt, without it, there’s drought .

  355. TheFeyFox says:

    One droplet contains a small universe .

  356. TheFeyFox says:

    Earth, Air, Fire,Water , it’s Elementary.

  357. Jo Ann Daniels says:

    Nothing more beautiful than a waterfall.

  358. Kristen C. says:

    I’m craving water for my children…

  359. Katrin Talbot says:

    Icicles sad songs in the thaw

  360. Katrin Talbot says:

    Icicles’ sad songs in the thaw

  361. metheothertwin says:

    Watered my garden. Displayed common scents.

  362. lmattozz says:

    Waterbirth baby, surfed oceans ever after.

  363. lmattozz says:

    Waterbirth baby and still enjoying snorkeling.

  364. Larry Smith says:

    Katrina turns four, water still troubled.

  365. Michael Titchnell says:

    Water tastes so good in beer.

  366. Jo Ann Daniels says:

    Nature’s waters. always have upper hand.

  367. Bethe says:

    No water, no life. Preserve it.

  368. Bethe says:

    Show me the water! Act now.

  369. Bethe says:

    Got water? Prserve it or else.

  370. Bethe says:

    Water: Not just another pretty raindrop.

  371. Bethe says:

    Water plentiful now but for long?

  372. lmattozz says:

    Underwater: a breathtaking love with ocean.

  373. Bethe says:

    Got water? Protect. Preserve. Treasure.

  374. Bethe says:

    Annoying faucet drip is welcome elsewhere.

  375. metheothertwin says:

    Replaced dishwasher with a human one

  376. Bethe says:

    Don’t take clean water for granted.

  377. Bethe says:

    We use well water–with filter.

  378. Bethe says:

    Nothing more refreshing than cold water!

  379. Bethe says:

    Abundance of water here. But later?

  380. A.R. Cummings says:

    Silver beads hanging, like precious gems

  381. A.R. Cummings says:

    Ocean and heartbeats come as one.

  382. A.R. Cummings says:

    All creatures drink me; need me.

  383. metheothertwin says:

    Think conservation. Tap into mind spring.

  384. achattycathy64 says:


  385. achattycathy64 says:

    wet does not always mean water.

  386. Jo Ann Daniels says:

    Take heed to high water sign!

  387. Dan says:

    Watching, waiting, hoping, praying for rain.

  388. Lora says:

    Imagine a bubble bath without water.

  389. Lora says:

    Be a kid, splash in puddles.

  390. Lora M. says:

    Water, water, wash away my tears.

  391. Lora M. says:

    Since you left, raindrops keep fallin’

  392. Lora M. says:

    Too much rain, bad hair days.

  393. Lora M. says:

    After a good rain, honeysuckle perfume.

  394. Lora M. says:

    Let the rain cleanse your soul.

  395. Lora M. says:

    Wash your face, let freckles show.

  396. metheothertwin says:

    Tried walking on water. Lost myself.

  397. Marion says:

    The ocean waves away my loneliness

  398. Marion says:

    Please recycle me: Burial at Sea.

  399. cadydid says:

    Blue, gray or green - soul’s music

  400. cadydid says:

    Out with tide, be free remorse!

  401. cadydid says:

    reflective, majestic, secretive is my sea

  402. greeneyed.pigirl says:

    pure essence of life, love, Godlike

  403. cbeez says:

    sting rays in sky blue water

  404. cbeez says:

    tour to reef yields blue seas

  405. cbeez says:

    eyes as blue as the ocean

  406. DebbyKW says:

    Beautiful Turquoise Blue Gem Keys Water

  407. wordybirdy333 says:

    Water Is Like My Heart, Evaporating

  408. lmattozz says:

    Coal: coking. Oceans: acid. Whales: high!

  409. Heather Strang says:

    Golden sand, bath water - ah, Kauai!

  410. Renée Guillory says:

    waves like heartbeats of the earth

  411. Renée Guillory says:

    beads on glass slide into rings

  412. Renée Guillory says:

    there’s a river in every lightbulb

  413. Renée Guillory says:

    mother river daughter ocean sister cloud

  414. Renée Guillory says:

    eddy ripple splash wave course bank

  415. Renée Guillory says:

    we are water, we’re living water

  416. Sheri W. says:

    I’m thirsty. Water you thinking about?

  417. Sheri W. says:

    Water kept clean=a planet green.

  418. Sheri W. says:

    Clean water makes a green planet.

  419. Sheri W. says:

    Humanity needs clean water, don’t pollute.

  420. Sheri W. says:

    Water…a resource taken for granted.

  421. Sheri W. says:

    Our green planet needs blue water.

  422. Sheri W. says:

    Dirty water creates a dirty planet.

  423. Jennifer Hart says:

    Absence of water; extinction of life.

  424. Jennifer Hart says:

    From drought comes an unaccustomed earth.

  425. Bill says:

    Water: pure and clean gives life.

  426. Yak says:

    Marriage sex troubles. Deep water. Enema.

  427. Yak says:

    Kiss your lover’s watery apple; drown.

  428. Yak says:

    Shower masturbation. Holy water. Rinse. Repeat.

  429. Yak says:

    Doing shots of bottled water: atrocious.

  430. Yak says:

    Watching water boil away. New hobby.

  431. utenzil says:

    flowing sparkling clear elixir: life’s essence

  432. Ashley says:

    Refreshing, Crisp, Delicious, Simple, Pure. Water.

  433. Yak says:

    I love, I hate: bottled water.

  434. Eaglerr says:

    The old pond…..
    the water sound.

  435. Travis says:

    The sky vomits, and me too.

  436. bleubunny says:

    handwashing favorite shirts, my sweet time.

  437. bleubunny says:

    freezin’ cold creek clenches my vein.

  438. bleubunny says:

    waterfall meets light, opens up rainbow.

  439. Travis says:

    Liquid slicks the surface, permeates reality.

  440. Me says:

    I love the rain. Don’t you?

  441. Me says:

    So thirsty. Where’s the vending machine?

  442. simple says:

    I fear I’ll die of thirst.

  443. conservation junky23 says:

    basicall tasty goodness take a sip

  444. Joe_Molinari says:

    Fishing trip: Nothing.
    Movie: “Water!!! Shark!!!”

  445. Joe_Molinari says:

    Jesus~/~Water: Died For Our Sins

  446. That One Chick says:

    Always rain, never snow. Weather sucks.

  447. sasha writes says:

    emerald drops rest on the grass

  448. Jo Ann Daniels says:

    Michael Phelps knows value of water.

  449. Dyan Titchnell says:

    bottled, tap, fizzy, flat, distilled, spring

  450. Steve Bell says:

    Water is life, treat it nice…

  451. Dan says:

    Summer rain calms my jackhammer mind.

  452. Bryan Emory-Johnson says:

    This lacustrine, lacustral lake-like earthing orb.

  453. Voodoo_Lady says:

    Good water makes even better coffee.

  454. Shaunyata & Squig says:

    Oil? Water is the new black.

  455. Shaunyata says:

    Water is the ultimate dew loop

  456. Shaunyata says:

    We do not exist without water

  457. Shaunyata says:

    Nothing floats my boat like water

  458. Shaunyata says:

    Water knows no borders or languages

  459. Enter the Six Words on Water Contest « Ieuan n~RobLe Noble says:

    [...] do you enter? Just hop over to SMITH and leave your six words in the comments of the contest post by 5 PM Eastern on August 31st. You can also Tweet your entries by adding the hashtag #6Wwater. [...]

  460. Holly Maudsley says:

    Have the winners been announced?

  461. And the Winners of “Six Words on Water” Are…. | Not Quite What I Was Blogging says:

    [...] Press, tour dates, news & more about SMITH’s growing family of Six-Word Memoirs books. « Reader Challenge: Six Words on Water [...]

  462. Jessika Blanton says:

    Thank you for choosing one of mine! Love H2O!

  463. sara says:

    WTH !!

  464. choi says:

    3%. That’s drinkable water for you.

  465. Jeremy Stroude says:

    The Key to all living things

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