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“Running for the ice-cream truck outside”—Six-Word Memoirs From Third Graders

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

By Lisa Qiu

Summer has a smell, feel, and taste which are all too delicious for an eight-year-old to savor in silence. Ms. Buttiglieri and Ms. Wenning’s third-grade class at Bradford Elementary in Montclair, NJ was bursting at the seams, half-crazed—they needed an outlet that didn’t involve screaming. Paige Kennedy-Piehl stepped in a la Mary Poppins style and worked with the children in small groups to get them to think critically about writing a Six-Word Memoir. We reaped the (adorable) rewards and the teachers got to keep their sanity on the home stretch into sweet, sweet summertime. These six-worders from eight- and nine-year-olds are the perfect start to July. Here are some of our favorites:

“Running for the ice-cream truck outside.” - Charlie Miller, 9

“My life is a good life.” - Jacob Rich, 9

“I am a dreamer of adventures.” - Woody Montilus, 8

“I am myself in many ways.” - Chloe Bollinger, 8

“I am growing I am learning.” - Margaret Lemma, 9

“Loving Mommy makes me very happy.” - Meikel Hudson, 9

“Eating pizza, swinging high, summer’s best.” -Michael Fox, 9

“I like to do art always.” - Cameron Cannara, 8

“Summer is for swimming and laughing.” - Kyle Lanson, 9

“I like to draw stick figures.” - Jake Skorzewski, 8

“I am myself, every year and day.” - Maggie Brown, 8

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4 responses

  1. train horns says:

    I think that this is a great way for the kids to learn their own train of thought :)

  2. train horns says:


  3. train horns says:

    train horns

  4. Woody Montilus says:

    Wow! I just looked up my name and look what I found! A poem that I made in the 3rd grade! I miss all of my friends, but I found this surprising! I started on the internet in 3rd grade!! “I am a dreamer of adventures”.

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