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Monday, June 8th, 2009

By Lisa Qiu

During a recent conference for l33t hackers and information security industry hotshots, the snapshot method of personal documentation that is the Six-Word Memoir helped the subversively tech-savvy bond. We’ve always believed that six words contains a keen transcendental quality that could reach out to spark the left brain of anyone and everyone. These folks were focused on hardcore security issues and all the 1s and 0s that that implies, the memoirs that sprung from their minds suggest the future of spyware is in quite creative hands. Here are a few of our favorites.

Elliptic curve discrete log—I’m hooked.
–M. Champine

My personal heroes? Ones and Zeros.
–Karla Saur

Watching those that watch the watchers.
- Steven Menchik

Tried to save lives by hacking.
–Peter Hesse

Wife, mom, security professional-–no sleep.
–Beth Dunphy

Information security: a perpetual arms race.
–Barry Rein

Breakfast. Malware. Lunch. Products. Dinner. Blogs.
–Menard Osena

Learning to love security more everyday!
–Mandy Schu

’80s Hacker, ’90s Builder, now overhead.
–J. Peavey

Information security industry: mired in innovation.
–Jason Bowen

Thumb-sucking +blanket ? security.
–John Arthur Lowe

10 years and counting! Paranoia profound!
–Sandra LaPedis

..although hope is rarely a strategy.
-Andrew Alguire

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