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MOMoir Backstory: “Mom’s Alzheimers. She forgets. I remember.”

Friday, May 1st, 2009

By Larry Smith

The backstory for the six-word memoir, “Mom’s Alzheimers. She forgets. I remember,” by SMITH member Becky Blanton is an inspired reminder why we decided to add the “backstory” function to the Six-Word Memoir project a few months ago. Becky’s memoir is in fact a “momoir,” which she contributed as an entry to our Six-Word MOMoir contest we’re running until May 10, Mother’s Day. I think the six words and the few hundred more than follow will make you feel thankful for moms and inspired by the small moments with them, not bummed out by what’s surely one of the toughest diseases that life can throw at us. Read the six-words here, and click “backstory” for the longer version.

3 responses

  1. Joel D Canfield says:

    Becky is an amazing person, facing some incredible challenges every day. I’m not the least surprised at the power of the story behind her six words.

  2. Peter Yexley says:

    An inspiration for anyone with the slightest connection to Alzheimer’s disease

  3. Peter Yexley says:

    A beacon of hope for anyone with the slightest connection to Alzheimer’s disease

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