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Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

By Rachel

Last week, we announced the title of our forthcoming teen six-word memoir book, and shared a bit of info about its author, a 15-year-old Brit named Catriona E.

We were still curious, so asked more about our cover girl and how she happened upon our little corner of internet. She writes:

I am crazy about film; my favourite three are Kill Bill, Sliding Doors and Finding Nemo. I love to listen to music, especially folk. I really like artists like Regina Spektor, Kimya Dawson and Ani DiFranco. I’ve tried learning instruments in the past but haven’t done too well with any of them :P When I was little, I was crazy about reading and I really wanted to be an author when I grew up, but later I really wanted to be an actor. At the moment I think I might become a psychologist, or work with teens who have eating disorders or self-esteem issues. I love cats, and own a 3 year old brown Tonkinese called Milo who is very noisy but very cute :) I found SmithTeens purely by chance.. I love PostSecret and Frank mentioned it on one of his blogs. I went onto the SmithTeens site and was hooked immediately, it’s just the sort of thing I like. I had just gone through a very painful break up and found that it was such a good outlet for my emotions. I introduced my best friend Sophie to the site, and she also loves it. Her contribution “it was an honest mistake, i swear” is going to be included in the book.

They teach ‘em up smart over there in England.

I like Catriona’s taste in music and movies. I too considered careers in theatre, writing, and shrinkage. I also kinda pretended I could play instruments for a while but actually can’t. So I told her I thought it seemed like we’d be friends, to which she graciously replied

I often have friends who are older than me but you sure must be the oldest :P

Teens say the darnedest things, huh?

2 responses

  1. Larnie says:

    Kitty, I’m really proud of you!
    well done :D

  2. Ella says:

    Oh Cat this is so awesome :]
    well done :D

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