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Sunday, February 8th, 2009

By Larry Smith

On the way to my six-word memoir reading at Books, Inc in San Francisco, I hailed a cab and was picked up by Christopher Fulkerson, a conductor/composer and cab driver. Apropos of nothing, he started talking about the one of the longest poems in the world, so I told him I was on my way to talk about what is some take in the shortest: the six-word memoir. Then he recounted the story of perhaps the world’s greatest miniaturist composer, who, I learned, wrote music in just six bars. Let’s go to the tape.

The Cabbie, Composer, Ph. D., and Six-Word Storyteller from Larry Smith on Vimeo.

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  1. Matt Love says:

    Ah, I tried to post a comment on this one 4 years ago when it was still fresh, but there was a website glitch that prevented it from being posted… yet every time I tried to post again, it said I’d already posted that comment. Now, sadly, nobody will see this, a great pity, because it’s the perfect addendum; a link to an article with a wonderful six word summation of Webern’s body of work in the headline:

  2. Lakia says:

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