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Story behind the Six: “Not Quite What I Was Planning”

Monday, May 5th, 2008

By Rachel

We often tell the story of Summer Grimes, whose sixer was selected as the most all encompassing and slapped on the front cover of our little literary effort. For almost a year she ignored my congratulatory emails. In this email, she explains why, then hops right aboard the good ship Six: 2256946246_72122033e4_m.jpg

“Dear Rachel,
I am completely ecstatic to be a part of this project. One year ago as I sat alone in my hostel in Budapest and read an email informing me my six word memoir “Not Quite What I Was Planning…” was to be the title of a publication, I shrugged it off with cynicism. (Oh right, where do I fill in my credit card number?)

I was a few days into a month-long solo trek through Hungary, Croatia, Slovakia, Austria and Czech Republic in a mostly earnest effort to figure out what was next for an unemployed 24-year old twin cities resident with half an English degree. I forwarded your email to a friend with the subject title “Hey Something Seems Fishy :)”. We thought it was a very clever little scam.

I am currently overjoyed as an hour ago, I found out your email was not a scam at all (thanks to a few clicks via Google and a breathless conversation with an avid NPR-listener)! Thank you so much for considering my submission and even if I wasn’t good enough to make it into your book, I will humbly allow you to use my six words as your title :)

Sincerely and Ecstatically,
Summer N. Grimes

P.S. I am bespectacled also… and a hairstylist. Maybe I could give you the best haircut of your life and we’d become best friends and then we could be on The Today Show.”

You hear that, NBC?

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