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Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

By Rachel

The most exciting part of this whole crazy ride has been hearing back from you guys about how you like to six. We’ve heard about everything from eulogies to spinning classes. A big theme has been using the six-word concept in schools—literally from kindergarten to grad school. Here are some great student sixers:

Contributor Pam Vissing’s High School English students tell us:

“I have already used that excuse.”

“Living slowly isn’t living at all.”

“Boys are pretty; chocolate is better.”

“Still swinging from trees at heart.”

“Dual personalities: looking for cheap exorcist.”

“It’s hard sitting on the sidelines.”

And Contributor Amelia Jane Allard offers these middle school memoirs:

“Judge me, I’ll prove you wrong.”

“One little class, one big family.”

“She was born. I was torn.”

“In the shadows, he feeds again.”

“It was stupid but worth it.”

“Dropped out: now work at McDonalds.”

“I’m deaf but I read lips.”

“Growing up is not any fun.”

Pretty amazing work, huh? I’m fairly certain I was not this insightful at thirteen.
Got memoirs from your class or book group? Please sent them to rachel at smithmag dot net and we’ll feature more here…

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