What's Your Pregnancy Story? http://www.smithmag.net/pregnancy-contest/ Do you have an amazing, unusual, or simply memorable pregnancy story? SMITH and "Rick's Picks":http://www.rickspicksnyc.com invite you to share your tale of this momentous time in 100 words or less. You may include a photo as well, but one isn't required to enter the contest. en-us Copyright 2017 Smithmag.net Larry Smith RSS 2.0 generation class http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/tech/rss <![CDATA[ I had always heard talk of unconditional love but never knew exactly what it meant until I gave birth. Afterward, I stared into my daughter's gray-blue eyes, noted the dimple on her chin and smoothed her dark hair. I fell in love. Deeply. When I started breastfeeding, that was it. Game over. I cried each time and couldn't get over the fact that she depended on me completely for her young life. It was overwhelming and the deepest emotion I've ever felt. Today, she's a beautiful, talented, smart young woman. I couldn't be prouder. Now, I understand unconditional love. ]]> http://www.smithmag.net/pregnancy-contest/story.php?did=63524 What's Your Pregnancy Story? by Bethe Bethe http://www.smithmag.net/pregnancy-contest/story.php?did=63524 SMITH <![CDATA[ My first was premature, born in a hospital, Pitocin punching him out of me. The second time would be different. I planned a home birth: I piled up a birth pool, rubber gloves, motherwort tincture, old towels, plastic shower curtains, a bowl for the placenta. Water broke, midwives arrived, pushing began. Though I'd planned everything, I couldn't control anything. I was an angry, raving, roving Neanderthal. I hated my husband! But as soon as she came out, all big and pink and healthy, into my arms, in my own bed, I was full of quiet love. ]]> http://www.smithmag.net/pregnancy-contest/story.php?did=63284 What's Your Pregnancy Story? by CDClifford CDClifford http://www.smithmag.net/pregnancy-contest/story.php?did=63284 SMITH <![CDATA[ I was big at the end. Really big. Five days past my due date, I take a walk to the local video store. Only my protruding belly is so large that I can't see the jumbled pavement and I go down. Hard. There is a lot of blood. And strangers too freaked out to do much but hand me a Kleenex. My glasses are smashed so I can't see much, but I am grateful when the ambulance arrives. I eventually went home with 10 stitches in my forehead and my arm in a sling. Owen arrived three days later. Perfect. ]]> http://www.smithmag.net/pregnancy-contest/story.php?did=26604 What's Your Pregnancy Story? by christine_t. christine_t. http://www.smithmag.net/pregnancy-contest/story.php?did=26604 SMITH <![CDATA[ My husband picked the wrong time to leave the room to go get something to eat. I wasn't in labor yet even though the pitocin was cranked to the max. 10 minutes later my Dr checked me and our daughter was right there. The nurses told me to wait on my husband and I told them to forget it, I am pushing her out now. My husband walked in right when I pushed her out, she was out in 1/2 a push. he nearly missed his daughters birth. Labor lasted just 10 mins and she basically slid right out. ]]> http://www.smithmag.net/pregnancy-contest/story.php?did=25597 What's Your Pregnancy Story? by Kay_Kay Kay_Kay http://www.smithmag.net/pregnancy-contest/story.php?did=25597 SMITH <![CDATA[ My labor contractions were erratic, so the doctor let me walk around. I went to the bank, hit Chicago's Mag Mile to do some last minute shopping! Imagine little ole me waddling down Michigan Avenue squatting on contractions...the Disney Store was the nicest about it. <br /> I went to Nike Town to get Jordans. As I shopped, the contractions got worse, so I was squatting in Nike town A LOT! Needless to say, I was helped with all my purchases and even granted a pass to the front of the line! <br /> Good thing, too. My water broke within the hour! ]]> http://www.smithmag.net/pregnancy-contest/story.php?did=25595 What's Your Pregnancy Story? by Bridget_Jackson Bridget_Jackson http://www.smithmag.net/pregnancy-contest/story.php?did=25595 SMITH <![CDATA[ The first pregnancy test I took showed one bright pink line and one faint pink line. Was I pregnant?! I had never seen a positive pregnancy test before. The picture in the directions showed a bold second line, not one so faint you had to squint to see it. I took a second test: same results, same confusion. There was only one way to determine if this was a positive. My husband peed on the third test. I had my answer. I was pregnant and my husband definitely was not. ]]> http://www.smithmag.net/pregnancy-contest/story.php?did=25105 What's Your Pregnancy Story? by Nikki_Salisbury Nikki_Salisbury http://www.smithmag.net/pregnancy-contest/story.php?did=25105 SMITH <![CDATA[ Pregnancy dreams are vivid, emotional, occasionally bizarre. My most intense dream involved having a boy whom I named Christopher. I dreamed of the frustrations of trying to swaddle him and put him to my breast. Frustrating, because Christopher was born a push-pin. He was a regular-sized green push-pin. I loved him dearly, but panicked, because if I set Christopher down next to a "regular" push-pin how would I know which one was my baby?!?!? I relaxed upon remembering that my baby had a bent tip. Of course I would recognize him! My darling, bouncing baby push-pin. ]]> http://www.smithmag.net/pregnancy-contest/story.php?did=11400 What's Your Pregnancy Story? by Betsy_Decker Betsy_Decker http://www.smithmag.net/pregnancy-contest/story.php?did=11400 SMITH <![CDATA[ He was a madman. We met through an Internet personal ad. Redundant? On paper he looked good, having achieved all the succes$ possible in life. What was lacking and craved: a child. He desired a wife, too, but I sensed her role would be essentially that of womb-as-delivery-mechanism. He was amassing, in true cart-before-horse-style, infant-related items, and had found an old-fashioned English perambulator, much like the one I imagine Rosemary used for her Baby. Appropriate, as he lived in the Dakota. I suspect his pram will remain empty for 666 years. ]]> http://www.smithmag.net/pregnancy-contest/story.php?did=11311 What's Your Pregnancy Story? by MeGo_Melissa_Gould MeGo_Melissa_Gould http://www.smithmag.net/pregnancy-contest/story.php?did=11311 SMITH <![CDATA[ Wife is about 8 1/2 months pregnant and her feet are swollen and hurting her. She goes to nail salon where Korean women who work there refuse to massage her feet in fear it may induce labor. She comes home and begs me to massage her feet, she leaves out the part that she was just told it could induce labor. I give her feet a vigorous massage. At 5 am she wakes me up and says her water broke, then she says, I guess you shouldn't have rubbed my feet. Our son was born 5 hours later. ]]> http://www.smithmag.net/pregnancy-contest/story.php?did=11161 What's Your Pregnancy Story? by Matt_LoGuercio Matt_LoGuercio http://www.smithmag.net/pregnancy-contest/story.php?did=11161 SMITH