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We both anxiously had news to tell each other.
"You go first," I said.
"Well, I quit my job today," he replied brightly.
"Can you get it back?" I asked. He frowned a bit.
"I thought you would be happy about this. We talked about it, about starting our own company. Now we can do it," he insisted.
Very true. We had spent hours talking about …

The movie "Juno" was fiction, but it did remind me of my one time girlfiend's pregnant, perfect circle half bubble belly. I can still see it glisten as she exited the shower. She was seven months along and big with a boy. It was August. In September she would leave.and would not come back until late October. She did'nt bring back my son. Who took him? What happened? Unlike the …

Midnight. My wife’s water just broke. There was an unusual silence at that moment, a pause from the excruciating contractions of a woman having ‘back labour.’ I waited, unsure of what to expect. A scream of pain? A scream of worry? No, unexpectedly a scream of glee! For as my wife described it, her water breaking made everything real. Sure her belly …

10 months after miscarriage, please God not this one too. What the hell is a Bicornuate Uterus? Spotting, 10 weeks. Very ill 13 weeks. Slow growth 24 weeks. Contractions 32 weeks. Blood pressure out of control 34 weeks- preeclampsia. 30 pounds, 40 pounds, 50 pounds on bed rest. Legs are squishy sausages and face is a marshmallow.

God I miss French Fries.

Tuesday, a headache. Blood pressure …

I was induced with my third baby on my wedding anniversary. I wanted a calm labor. No shrieking grandmothers-- just my supportive husband.

At 2:00am, I felt an urge to pee. I was hindered by the various monitors and cords wrapped around my belly. I shouted at my husband for help. He was sound asleep. I shouted more. He snored. I threw a pillow …
When my hamster, "Hamhock" died on May 6,1992, I asked God why he took my "child" away from me? At the end of that same month, I found out I was pregnant! After years of trying to get pregnant . I had a pleasant pregancy. No morning sickness or complications. Not bad for someone going on 35 at the time! I never went into labor and told …

Giving birth in Mexico City all alone. And I couldn’t speak the language. The nurse came in and patted her belly – “baby? baby?” She went away and left me alone too. Wrong room.
Wrong hospital.
Wrong country.
Wrong father.

“… and how many children do you have?” I am asked now sometimes.
"I have a son who died. Does he count? He lived …

Low amniotic fluid catalyzes birth, but a different script was rehearsed: water breaks, slow dance, head to hospital at least seven centimeters dilated. Instead, induction is imminent, due to possible compromised umbilical cord. Hours and days pass; Pitocin goes in, nothing comes out, yet. The inward spiral softly begins, progresses to possession of primal body; I labor on all fours howling into my husband’s lap. Time is …

When I was 2 weeks overdue with my first child, I went on a scavenger hunt for a friend's birthday which ended at a real hole-in-the-wall bar. Friend Steve was standing at the bar and overheard the guy standing next to him say to his companion that he was going to come over and talk to me. Curious, my friend watched the fellow make it almost to my …

The night I got pregnant was spent drinking wine on the rooftop of an old apartment building under a full moon. The next morning, I proceeded to run out of said apartment into the harsh light of Sunday morning in my "little black dress" and heels. I promptly ran directly into a family that had just left Sunday morning service in the church next door. My night's activities were probably …

Can this be true? Labor that only lasted 35 minutes? Here i was sitting in my bathroom with my newborn son in my own hands amazed that i gave birth to this wonderful creature by myself. Did this really just happen? One phone call was all i got damn cell battery and no house phone. Stuck on the bathroom floor in pain I took a second to …

Why don't more women do this? Seriously, this is the lazy woman's way of having a baby. Just me and my husband in the dark of the wee hours of the morning, candles burning, our sons sleep in the next room. The contractions build, taking me to a place deep inside of my consciousness. I am aware of two things, the intensity of the …

I was walking alone down the street in Beijing amid a mass of people with black hair and blue Mao suits. The French doctor just confirmed I was two months along. There had been this impulsive encounter at my going away party. I was 24, from Michigan, a student. A man with long blond hair and a big grin came up to me. We're …

Baby #2, Alice my darling, must have found a map older sister Ruby left in my wife's womb we went from 0 to birthing in what fealt like minutes. On the way to hospital I kept reviewing in my head what I would do if I had to deliver the baby, I had read some books, and I supposed pioneers had done it in worse places than an old …

Wanting a “natural childbirth” I was delighted to learn that women can use TENS machines to reduce labour pains. The device’s electrodes stimulate nerve centres, distracting the brain from what’s essentially the equivalent of squeezing a lemon out of your nostril. Unfortunately, on the big day, we had to spend three hours labouring in emergency before being given a room. When we finally got settled, my partner was feeling a …

They gave me Petocin around 8am & told me I could expect to be holding a baby around dinner time. At 1pm I told the nurse, "I think something's going on."
"No," she said. "Not yet."
"No," I said. "I really think something's going on."
She relented & took a look. Seconds later she said, too casually, "So, are you ready to have a baby?"
"Well," …

After weeks of morning sickness, I finally told my uncomprehending husband, "If I thought doing crack right now would make me feel better, I would lock you out of the house until you came back with some!".

Starting very early in my pregnancy with my son I was afflicted with pregnancy-induced laryngitis. I would pick up the telephone and go to say "hello" but nothing would come out. I'd struggle to vocalize something, anything, while the caller would be repeating, hello? hello? My voicelessness continued through the entire pregnancy. I went to the hospital to deliver, literally speechless. But when my son …

Last year, my twenty year old friend thought she might be pregnant. We went to Walgreens, and I bought the test because she was too embarrassed. About half an hour later, we were at her house scrutinizing the test.
"Plus or minus? Plus or minus?!" she was hysterical.
We couldn't tell, so she suggested that we return to Walgreens and ask a pharmacist. "They sell them, they …

Decision, pick donor, money, shots, no way, age, ok, go ahead, shots, pregnant, not, try again, no luck, thirds a charm, pregnant, great, hope it's a boy, two, wow, sick, hospital, 8 days, miserable, just a machine, get me thru, can't sleep, indigestion, sick again, hospital 8 days, ugh, pregnancy miserable, lots of meds, hope boys are ok, finally, 5 weeks early, have them naturally, NO WAY, cut em out …
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Do you have an amazing, unusual, or simply memorable pregnancy story? SMITH Magazine and the delicious pickle maker Rick’s Picks invite you to share your tale of this momentous time in your life in 100 words or less.

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Also, check out our earlier feature, Beautiful Pregnant Women, featuring the photos of Jennifer Maya Luz Pliego.

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