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I became pregnant while we were in Japan, teaching English.At the university hospital in Fukuoka, I peered at the ultrasound with my obstetrician, a silver-haired man speaking passable English. The ultrasound revealed my baby's manhood. I thought. "It's a boy?" I asked. The doctor nodded. Three months later, in the US, during an unexpected C-section, my husband and doctor exclaimed, "It's a GIRL!" Huh?! Hadn't my …

"Your hormone levels aren't as high as we'd like for 7 weeks." said the nurse, "We'd like to see you a little more pregnant. Take progesterone injections".
IVF takes the fun out of baby-making.
Even with all the medical science involved, no one knew exactly when the magic moment was. Turns out you actually can be a little bit pregnant.
I waited, took progesterone shots, did acupuncture, prayed. At …

I was hiding in the closet from my kids while trying to read a good book that I was totally tying to get consumed in. While in the closet reading with two pillows propped up behind me, I was eating a bowlfull of mint chocolate chip ice cream and another bowl full of pickles. My husband who was looking all over the house for me walked in and …

I was standing behind my desk, 38 weeks pregnant with my first, during my fourth grade class' snack time when I heard a loud pop. I felt my ankles get wet and I began to panick. I didn't know if I should have a kid go get the school nurse or call the doctor first. Well, I looked around to see how much water I was leaking, but I couldn't …

When I was 9 months pregnant I was waiting at the auto shop for my car's oil to be changed. A man across the way asked me when I was due. When I turned to tell him, he had looked away. Again a minute later, he asked me when I was due. When I looked back to tell him, he still had his head turned away …

After having two beautiful and healthy children, we decided to add a third to our lives. We tried for over a year before finally concieving. We were very excited at first. At 6 weeks I had a misscarriage, and 3 months later I was diagnosed with Lupis. We didn't think we could have another baby. In August 2007 we decided to try one more time …

At 8 weeks pregnant, my husband and I found out we were having triplets - our life would never be the same. Three babies began to grow inside me, each developing their own personalities and mannerisms. One would constantly hiccup, while another loved to do summersaults, and yet another would nestle between my ribs for added snugness. As the weeks passed, their personalities conyinued to blossom. At 35 weeks, and …

I refuse to believe it's true. It worked the first time, so I assume it will work again. I also don't believe that this eye twitch or back pain is a result of suppressed fear regarding the life changing event that is about to take place. I suspect it is from lack of sleep. You see, when your wife gains 40 pounds and has a 7 …

I was excited beginning my second pregnancy journey, but when I stepped on the doctor's scale it seemed like more weight than usual for being "barely pregnant". With a finger tapping his lip, the OB/GYN looked puzzled as he rolled his gooey wand over my burgeoning belly. A little voice in my head escalated to a snicker as the doctor proclaimed, "There's baby number two." My oblivious husband responded, "Yeah, …

It was sixth period. I was seven months along, decked out in Classy Teacher Apparel: Maternity Version--a burgundy silk wraparound top, long enough to hide the stretch panel on my black dress slacks. Black spike heels so high they elicited gasps. No way in hell would pregnancy rob me of who I was: feminine, professional, polished.
We were analyzing the foreshadowing in The Scarlet Letter. Class was winding down when …

Add the spicy smoky okra to the pregnancy pickle pack. Spicy foods stimulate labor!

I did all the right things - ate well, went to yoga, rested, nested. I read the birthing books, imagined opening my heart and insides to naturally release this beautiful boy butterfly from his cocoon. My water broke at 3 am. I prepared myself for the breathing, the pushing. After 30 hours, pitocin, an epidural, lots of tears, sweat, pressure, my butterfly was born via c-section. It was not …

I couldn't have you because I was forced into it.
I couldn't have you because I was too young.
I couldn't have you because I was scared.
I couldn't have you in fear you'd look like him.
I couldn't have you because I wanted him to still love me.

I was seventeen. Too young.
His dad was away, I was so scared.
Telling my mom, I cried.

Pregnancy seemed easy at first, no sickness.
Then, the 2nd trimester.
Six months, bloated and nauseous.
Ooooh no, what had I done?

Nine months passed. Two weeks late.
Thirty-six hours, a caesarean.
Nurse said "oooooh he's …

I was 7 months along with my baby girl when I thought my water had broken. "This is it," I thought, "I just hope it's not too early." My husband and I packed up and went to the hospital. I got checked in, hooked up, IV'd, and poked and prodded, only to find out that my water hadn't broken - I had peed all over myself. We went home with …

Ultrasounds are funny things. My husband and I have two children, and we anticipated the initial ultrasounds with a mixture of dread and anticipation.

Twins ran in both our families.

First ultrasound showed a little peanut with a stem. "That's a baby," the doctor said.

"Aw. . .no twins," my husband and I said. We were sad to see that lonely little embryo. Poor only child.Read more »

Doctor: You're having twins.
Husband: What? NO! That's not supposed to happen.
Doctor: Do you want to sit down?
Husband: How am I going to pay for college?
Doctor: College, worry about day care.

The IVF worked too well.

I worked with my best friend, Kelly, who is a baby fanatic. She attended Lamaze classes and both of my children's deliveries with my husband. In fact, she probably spent more time with my pregnant belly than he did.

My second pregnancy was marked by a charming case of bloat, and I developed a "bump" right away. One morning, during the first trimester, Kelly leaned over, patted my belly …

Back in 1968 when I was pregnant, no one told us to abstain totally from alcohol, so one Friday night at a pizza parlor, I asked for a beer. Well, yes, I was just 19, still 2 years away from the legal drinking age. So naturally the waitress asked for ID. Feeling frisky, I grinned, stood up, opened wide the lovely Navy peacoat I was wearing and …

One Sunday nearing the end of "Occupation by Friendly Forces" I was encouraged to enjoy a leisurely soak in our deep clawfoot tub. With serenely scented candles , pleasure inducing music, I surrendered to caressing warm water. To enjoy last moments I reclined on my back , "Pleasure's Prisoner", and flipped out the stopper with my toes . Water drained , no longer buoyant, I …
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