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Ok, I'm dialated 6 centimeters and I have just arrived in the hospital. I am taken into a room and made to strip and put on a gown. They put a heart monitor on me and the nurse sits down with a magazine. The girl beside me is moaning in pain. The nurse keeps screaming at her that she is scaring me. Actually, the nurse is scaring me. Finally - …

Taking an evening stroll, my husband and I walked hand in hand chatting about cribs and room colors. Then I saw it. The raised sidewalk corner. Except it was too late. I was mid-stride and off-balance with an extra 25-pound belly. I pulled his hand hard to offset my fall. It worked brilliantly as I completed a sideways sommersault, landing on my back. …

Being pregnant has been amazing! But the crazy part of it is your dreams i have had teh wierdest most unusaul dreams dreams of riding elephants in the water dreaming of what this lil child is gonna look like. Dreams are real and i wake up and am in shock i can make this stuff up. Its all fun though im enjoying every bit of …

As a teacher of a 4th grade class, I was excited to share my first pregnancy with my students. The day finally came for me to have my ultrasound which would tell me the gender of the baby. Excited for the day I wore a shirt with a giant question mark on the belly. When I asked my students why they thought I had the question mark on my shirt, …

My husband and I were talking a walk during my first trimester, and I was telling him how I felt like my due date would never arrive. Rather than chide me for being impatient, he turned to me and said, "I know exactly what you mean." "Really?" I said, delighted that he could relate. "Yep," he explained, "Every summer, I feel the same way about football season. The days just …

"Mum, I'm pregnant." I say over the phone.
There was a very long and deadly silence.
"Geezus, what the hell am I going to tell your father?"
"I don't know" I replied.
"Have you told Tom?" she asked concerned
"Well that's the thing," I confessed, "I'm not sure it's his."
Beep, beep, beep, beep.

Over the years, two lost, none kept. All alone with no babies. Sad.

42 weeks and 1 day pregnant, I had tried everything ever rumored to get labor started. It was Sunday morning and I was sitting on the front stoop enjoying the sunshine. Ahead of me, a man approaches a woman from behind and grabs her purse. Much slapping ensues, I scream, and the man runs away without the purse. My husband comes pounding down the stairs, and the entire block comes …

"Your due date is mid-November."
Some quick calculations made my inner turmoil heat to boiling. I had gotten pregnant on my birthday. I wouldn't be speaking to my husband anytime soon. My last baby was just a year and a half old and I couldn't believe I was pregnant again. I gave the doctor the evil eye.
"This is your fault, you know."
"I beg your pardon?" …

Kate and I were both heavily pregnant that summer. We liked to sit side by side on a bench by the lake. I would read, balancing the book on my huge belly, while Kate would sip iced tea, balancing her cup on her own round stomach. One day, a slim young woman in a tiny red bikini smiled as she walked past us. "I think my past body just walked …

My belly was big, and moving! I was eight months pregnant with my son. My nephew was five years old at the time and had never been around someone who was pregnant. He was sitting next to me on the couch when the baby started to kick. I told him that I thought I could feel the baby's foot. When I lifted my shirt up …

I wanted to describe my pregnancy, but the words insisted on congregating in cliched cliques. Luscious, ripe and fertile clung to each other. Life-affirming, miracle and joyous refused to be split up. They bored me to death. Then my husband dared me to describe pregnancy so that even a man would feel it growing. So I wrote: You discover that your identity is false. The true you is hidden inside …

Two weeks late, she was not budging. Induced three different ways, my cervix was Fort Knox, locked up tight with baby gold happy inside. Where's the Extra Strength inducing drugs we all worried about from Lamaze class? This stuff must have been from the children's aisle. Finally, Doctor Let's-Do-It entered, broke my water and....we still waited. Baby hardly phased. We had to pull her …

My first trimester, I was a secret superhero. My tell-tale skin-tight costume was fully hidden underneath my ordinary clothes.

My second trimester, people started to notice my bright, superhero colours showing through the gaps between the buttons of my shirt.

During the third trimester, my superlative strength rippled and expanded its way out of my entire wardrobe of superhero personas.

The doctor declared that my superpowers …

My sister and I were pregnant at the same time, due one month a part. She was due before I was. Two weeks before her due date I awoke at 3a.m. having strong contractions. I brushed it off as Braxton-Hicks, but, after 3 hours I was worried. Then, just before I waking my husband my contractions stopped. 1/2 hour later my brother-n-law called, my sister …

Standing in the bookshop, pondering the large number of pregnancy books displayed on the shelves before me, I felt overwhelmed and dizzy. My cheeks burned and my hands trembled. The elderly woman standing a few feet away from me noticed my panicked state. She cocked her head slightly and, without looking me in the eye, pushed a stool towards me. I sat down, put my head between my knees, and …
I had no easy time with you, at 13 weeks, I went into premature labor and we found out that you were a girl.

I had thyroid issues with this pregnancy and was told that you would be born with a lower I.Q. I was monitored monthly by an Endocrinolgist, to monitor my thyroid levels and to see the blood levels between you and I. It was …

22 months, thousands of milligrams of Clomid, charting, ovulation predictor kids, three IUIs, hope is lost. Savings account opened, adoption imminent, researching Kyrgystan and Guatamala. One more IUI - why not? 7 days later, feet swollen and unrecognizable - none of my shoes fit?! 7 more days later, a positive test. Disbelief, not excitement, too scared until 2 blood tests confirm. Pregnant at last, unexpected and miraculous. …

Some things take time. They don't take learning, or practice, or hard work. They take their time without asking, being neither polite, nor sweet, nor nice. They will take your time, not like taking candy from a baby, but like a hard lollypop demanding to be sucked long and slow, and tasted to its end. Sure, you can try to crunch it down, working your jaw, gnawing on the sugary …

Egg releasing, sperm reaching, period missing, Daddy kissing.
Bosom swelling, tears welling, face glowing, vomit flowing, cells splitting, clothes not-fitting, appetite increasing, coffee ceasing, breasts sinking, no drinking, foetus tumbling, tummy rumbling, belly expanding, hard standing. Belly button popping, bits dropping, lungs wheezing, stomach squeezing, ankles puffing, breath huffing, brain exploding, life imploding.
Thoughts wondering, mind wandering, name thinking, time shrinking, breasts dripping, scales tipping, blood racing, muscles bracing, …
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What's Your Pregnancy Story?

A contest from Rick's Picks and SMITH Magazine
Do you have an amazing, unusual, or simply memorable pregnancy story? SMITH Magazine and the delicious pickle maker Rick’s Picks invite you to share your tale of this momentous time in your life in 100 words or less.

Seven of you (six future moms and one dad) will win a mouth-watering Rick’s Picks Pregnancy Pack and a copy of SMITH’s bestselling book, NOT QUITE WHAT I WAS PLANNING: Six-Word Memoirs By Writers Famous & Obscure. Three Grand Prize Winners will have their image and story published on jars of Rick’s Picks, aptly named dill pickle, Slices of Life, “the Pickle of Pregnancy” that moms-to-be crave.

Also, check out our earlier feature, Beautiful Pregnant Women, featuring the photos of Jennifer Maya Luz Pliego.

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