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That day at the doctor we were trying to be patient, trying not to worry as she glided the doppler microphone over my growing gut. "Sometimes it takes a few minutes," she said, but those minutes were long and we could only hear my own heartbeat, nervous as usual.

But then there were the ponies--a loud galloping sound like little ponies in my belly, or one tiny angel riding in on her own--and I laughed out loud, jostling the doppler like a scratched record.

Hearing her heartbeat had eased my own. All was well within.

Always a skinny girl, growing up I was called Bone-ella and was teased with taunts such as "you have a pirates dream - a sunken chest". Pregnancy gave me something I never considered - curves, hips, a chest...a hot bod. Shortly after giving birth I was left with tummy flab, but also months of continued curves. I am thankful for my son for many reasons, one being the fact that he let me live out my dream of being a voluptuous woman, even if only temporarily.

I became pregnant just as my husband began sea duty in the Navy. There I was, 900 miles away from my family, and my husband somewhere in the Pacific. I was scared. I was alone. But I discovered a new strength within myself, the strength that comes from just being thrown into a situation and being forced to muck through. In the end, he returned home during my ninth month of pregnancy, and we were together as our son was born.

I refuse to believe it's true. It worked the first time, so I assume it will work again. I also don't believe that this eye twitch or back pain is a result of suppressed fear regarding the life changing event that is about to take place. I suspect it is from lack of sleep. You see, when your wife gains 40 pounds and has a 7 pound kicker in her belly, she sounds like a chain saw with a bad fuel line trying to cut through the middle of your bed.....and she says she can't sleep.

Ultrasounds are funny things. My husband and I have two children, and we anticipated the initial ultrasounds with a mixture of dread and anticipation.

Twins ran in both our families.

First ultrasound showed a little peanut with a stem. "That's a baby," the doctor said.

"Aw. . .no twins," my husband and I said. We were sad to see that lonely little embryo. Poor only child.

Two very long years later, we arrived for our second ultrasound. Much different outlook this time.

A solitary lump fluttered. "There's your baby," the doctor said.

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I worked with my best friend, Kelly, who is a baby fanatic. She attended Lamaze classes and both of my children's deliveries with my husband. In fact, she probably spent more time with my pregnant belly than he did.

My second pregnancy was marked by a charming case of bloat, and I developed a "bump" right away. One morning, during the first trimester, Kelly leaned over, patted my belly button and sang, "Good morning, baby!"

Gently, I explained that the baby wasn't up that high yet, but my intestinal gas bubble appreciated the attention.

One Sunday nearing the end of "Occupation by Friendly Forces" I was encouraged to enjoy a leisurely soak in our deep clawfoot tub. With serenely scented candles , pleasure inducing music, I surrendered to caressing warm water. To enjoy last moments I reclined on my back , "Pleasure's Prisoner", and flipped out the stopper with my toes . Water drained , no longer buoyant, I was stranded. Responding to my cries for rescue my husband appeared laughing uncontrollably at the "Beached Whale". Emancipation achieved , humour restored , I conceded battle lost .........til next time.

One day, Bertie Young and her husband Chuck, raced to get across the bridge and to the hospital. Her water broke and their fourth child was ready to be born. The Youngs didn't make it. She delivered at the top of the bridge when it was scheduled to open. The man in the bridge house was in a dither, he had never seen a baby being born and definitely not on top of his bridge. Boats lined up and horns sounded, but Mother Nature took its course and little Lesley was just fine.

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