Pekar (RIP) & Rushkoff: A Meeting of Mighty Minds; Part Two

December 9th, 2010 by Jeff Newelt

Harvey Pekar is my hero, an intellectual everyman, and every man’s intellectual, looking at the modern experience through the eyes of a deeply human human being,” said author/media theorist Doug Rushkoff in Part One of a four-part meeting of the minds on WFMU last year. The late great Pekar chatted with Rushkoff on his WFMU radio show, “The Media Squat,” about corporatism, regionalism, the mortgage crisis, Pekar’s GE-bashing on Letterman, and even an American Splendor play Rushkoff directed in theater school. The two true hipster (reclaiming the term from doucheville) heavyweights hit it off swimmingly and the resulting encounter was transformed into a comic for The Pekar Project. We treated the transcript like a track for a jazz record with Pekar & Rushkoff remixing the “script” and artist Sean Pryor bringing both the dialogue and ideas to life with vivid verisimilitude and psychedelic flair. We’re proud to present “Pekar & Rushkoff: Kibbitzin’ About How Life Got Incorporated Part 2.”

To dive deeper into the heady notions they kibbitz about, check out Rushkoff’s book Life Inc: How the World Became A Corporation and How to Take It Back. In a move foreshadowed in Pekar & Rushkoff Part 1, Rushkoff recently eschewed corporate publishing and went indie with his new book, Program or be Programmed: 10 Commands for a Digital Age.

Pryor first illustrated Pekar in “Gauntlet of Rock” a story for Royal Flush Magazine, and has since extruded, in addition to the Pekar/Rushkoff series, three exquisite Pekar Project stories, “Searchin,’”Jungle Music,” and “Two Working Stiffs.”

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  1. rushkoff

    Great. This looks quite good.
    But where is part one? The links are dead.

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