Harvey Pekar (RIP) shows off his “Jewish Chops” with guest artist Vanessa Davis

September 8th, 2010 by Jeff Newelt

From "Jewish Chops" by Harvey Pekar and Vanessa Davis

From "Jewish Chops" by Harvey Pekar & Vanessa Davis

So our man has passed away and sadly didn’t get to see finished art to a handful of completed scripts, including guest artist Vanessa Davis’s charming rendering of “Jewish Chops,” here just in time for Rosh Hashanah. Davis, an outstanding autobiographical cartoonist in her own right, has a new collection out, Make Me A Woman, which was just awarded Heeb Magazine’s “Best Comic of 5770” and she recently created a lovely Harvey Pekar tribute for Tablet.

from "Untitled" by Harvey Pekar & Rick Parker

from "Untitled" by Harvey Pekar & Rick Parker

Harvey dug Rick Parker’s pencils for the previous strip, “UNTITLED“, but didn’t see the final with its, in retrospect, eerily evocative blue tones. Likewise, he was very pleased by Sean Pryor’s all-cylinders art to Part One of Pekar & Rushkoff Kibbitzin’ How Life Got Incorporated. Sean is busy drawing the remaining three parts and we’ll be presenting those, as well as additional stories being drawn by the team from finished scripts over the next few months. In the meantime, please peruse the Pekar Project archives of over 20 stories written by Harvey Pekar (RIP).

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