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  1. joseph remnant

    Sean this is so good! I listened to this interview when it first aired and this strip really brings that conversation to life in an incredible way. Well done

  2. Kittelsen

    Pekar + Rushkoff + Pryor = Too many of my favorite things in the same place all at once. I remember this interview… it’s great to see it come to life in comics form. Looking forward to the next installment!

  3. Ward Sutton

    Very cool piece with two greats going head to head! Love the artwork, Sean - esp the opener, the theater production, and a great Jon Stewart and Colbert set!

  4. Rich Dailey

    The corporate agenda is still there, only it’s disguise has been perfected. Now the kids cheer for Colbert and Daily (no relation, no ‘E’), they clap and two-finger whistle for the agenda, they just don’t know it. We don’t know what we don’t know. Harvey knows I’m right about this.

    I haunted Cleveland back in the late seventies and early eighties. Gray snow, soot on the sills, but great memories sprinkled with melancholy. You can go back again, but who wants to? Anything with/about Harvey brings it back. Great cartoon. Thanks…RD

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  6. Josh Neufeld

    Good in-depth stuff here, and Sean’s art (and colors!) really brings it to life

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  8. E

    Thank you for your work.

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  11. whatif

    sometimes it isn’t ‘corporate’ to change things.. it just happens you have to dumb things down if you want reach more people.. how many things do you buy that make your life simpler? Do you really want to churn your own butter? make your own bullets? etc.. so as with life’s daily travels, those stories are also simplified for easier consumption.. that is the main agenda.. sure there are the other’s, but money is the main motive - rent is real for everyone

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  13. C

    This is wonderful. Thank you to all involved.

  14. Douglas Rushkoff Interviews Harvey Pekar – in Comic Form | Technoccult


  15. Maus

    Excellent works and pieces. I would like to see the literary mirrors of the past shattered & some etchings cover the present and the future disadventures of Harvey Pekar.

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  17. cinemateus

    sad to hear the news.
    peace pekar

  18. axolotl

    all my respect to the great pekar.

    regards from Chile.

  19. John McIntosh

    Great stuff! Lifted me after hearing about Harvey’s demise. The legacy that Pekar leaves is the connection he creates with those who seek the truth. He had an amazing talent for defining our place in the world. Harvey, you are a modern day Van Gogh and I miss you terribly.

  20. Rick Parker

    Enjoyed this very strip very much, Sean. Thanks! It has that “ring of truth” to it that was so important to Mr. Pekar.

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