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  1. sean

    Harvey sets ‘em up, and Joe never fails to knock ‘em down.
    I’m jealous [but not for long ;).........]

    Excellent work as always Joe

  2. Joseph Remnant

    Ha ha, bring it on Sean, I’ve been waiting for your long story.

  3. The Daily Cross Hatch » The Cross Hatch Dispatch 5.24.10

    [...] Harvey Pekar eats chips and loses his wallet: Muncie, Indiana Part II. [...]

  4. julian fairbanks

    I like Pekar’s work — he should check out mine - get a european perspective: http://psycho–therapymagazine.blogspot.com it’s the funniest, most off the wall stuff he’ll ever read.

  5. Ian Brant

    Don’t know if Harvey reads these comments, but if he doesn’t can somebody tell him thanks for all his great work. It’s getting me through some tough times at the moment.

  6. sean

    I will tell him next time I talk to him

  7. Rick Parker

    For me, reading this strip is about as close as you can get to having Harvey back. Perfectly executed. A visual and verbal Pekar masterpiece.

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    [...] Not one to ever rest on his laurels, Pekar kept working right up until the end. One of his last works was The Pekar Project, an ongoing Webcomic hosted by Smith magazine. It’s not all gold, but there are a few gems tucked away in the archive, like Muncie, Indiana. [...]

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    [...] Magazine’s Pekar Project: Autodidact; Back in the Day; Legendary Vienna; Muncie, Indiana; Muncie, Indiana Part II; Reciprocity; and Sweeping Problem. Enjoy! Add [...]

  10. Shaumy

    Hi brother Paul~Congradulations!!! So happy for your new avirral. You are in my prayers! This saturday around 6:30 I am having worship and testimony with sisters and brothers inthe Lord. If you and David want to join us you will be blesssed as we are seeking the Preasence of our God.Also, my video of Paul Washer dissapeared from my web page. Do you know why??I loved it and thatis my heart. Can we get it back up??God richly bless you, look up our redemption draweth nigh. Let not your heart be troubled. Friends and sister in Christ~ Debbie

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