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  1. Rick Parker

    My personal favorite of all the ones I’ve enjoyed illustrating so far. It’s funny–as I read this, I can still hear Harvey’s voice in my head from when he called me and dictated the script over the phone. The mind is a wonderful thing. Thanks to Mr. Pekar for the chance to work with him and to everyone who read this for your interest.

  2. Thiago Behrndt

    really nice!

  3. James Jajac

    Very powerful! Love the color, love everything!

  4. joseph remnant

    Excellent work Rick. This is my favorite of yours as well.

  5. Vanessa D.

    This one is great! I am both happy and sad to know that worrywartage does not wane as we wander further along the pathway of lyfe.

  6. Sabrina

    there are a lot of younger people who are in decent shape physically and financially and still worry their asses off, Harvey.

  7. Harvey Pekar’s struggle with fame and aging - Michael Humphrey - Past Imperfect - True/Slant

    [...] was no different in his work. In a piece about aging for SMITH, posted early this year, he writes: I wonder if there are a lot of older [...]

  8. Harvey Pekar’s struggle with fame and aging - Michael Humphrey - Past Imperfect - True/Slant

    [...] was no different in his work. In a piece about aging for SMITH, posted early this year, he writes: I wonder if there are a lot of older [...]

  9. Pat

    It’s rather saddening, that he died feeling this way- success doesn’t necessarily give you happiness.

  10. Christine

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