Bonus Comic: What happens when you mix Harvey Pekar with Bad Brains?

October 20th, 2009 by Jeff Newelt



“Let’s send Harvey some metal and punk CDs to review! That’ll get a rise outta him,” schemed Royal Flush Magazine editor-in-chief Josh Bernstein and I, hoping to fulfill the fantasy of Flush illustrator and major Harvey Head (not to be confused with the Harvey Heads) Sean Pryor, who was rearin’ to draw a Pekar story. So Harvey wrote a script about his relationship to rock and as you can see in the comic below, Sean slaughtered it eight ways to Albuquerque. When Harvey got the pencils from Sean, he was so energized by the dynamic draftsmanship we immediately drafted him into the Pekar Project, for which he’s drawn two stories to date, “Searchin’” and “Jungle Music.”

Big thanks to Royal Flush Magazine for providing the Pekar Project with an exclusive online presentation of the full 4-page“Gauntlet of Rock,” comic written by Harvey Pekar & drawn by Sean Pryor. The story appears in glorious full color print in the new Royal Flush Book 6 which is a maximalist melange of rock, art, humor, pop culture & comics and is on sale now. Read the full comic after the break:

Click each thumbnail to read, then click the blue text below the image to enlarge. You may have to click more than once to expand for optimum enjoyment.

7 Responses

  1. Tara Seibel

    what a fun piece. a lot of movement.. really great sean!

  2. Jon Witmer

    Terrific work, Sean. It’s a hoot to see Harvey juxtaposed with rockers instead of the jazz greats. And what a classic Pekar ending: “If you don’t pay someone, this is what you get.” I love it!

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