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Call for Six: Insprired by The Writing & Critique Group Survival Guide by Becky Levine

Friday, March 26th, 2010

By Chris Teja

Forming a writing/critique group with other writers is something that all aspiring wordsmiths should do without hesitation. Whether it’s to get some honest feedback, give yourself a deadline, or just to hang around other creative types to get inspired -it just works. But how do you even get started putting something like that together you say? This is where Becky Levine’s The Writing & Critique Group Survival Guide comes in. In this thoughtful book, Becky teaches you how to run a group that will be productive, encouraging, and stimulating for all involved.

So to get you started, we’d like to hear six-words on your writing process. Post your submission here in the comments and the top three will receive a copy of The Writing & Critique Group Survival Guide.

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91 responses

  1. Susan Breeden says:

    Love it…hate it…love it…

  2. Bethe says:

    But I don’t like their critiques!

  3. Bethe says:

    Must they use a red pen?

  4. Bethe says:

    What if they’re wrong, I’m right?

  5. Bethe says:

    Grin and bear it. Critiques work.

  6. Bethe says:

    Does a sci-fi critiquer know romance?

  7. Susan Breeden says:

    Writing the lives I cannot live.

  8. Susan Breeden says:

    I’ve noticed my skin becoming thicker…

  9. lisa says:

    Type, pause, eat chocolate, adjust, repeat.

  10. lisa says:

    Process? What process? Are you kidding?

  11. Bethe says:

    After a rough critique, drink wine.

  12. Bethe says:

    Eat chocolate, shop if critique stinks.

  13. alyssa jocson says:

    Inspirations scribbled on backs of receipts.

  14. Shirley McCann says:

    Take it. Leave it. Continue on.

  15. Janet Kay Gallagher says:

    What Critique,Write hold it forever.

  16. Janet Kay Gallagher says:

    You all know you hold stuff.

  17. Shirley McCann says:

    For what it’s worth. It’s yours.

  18. Shirley McCann says:

    Hear it. Mull it. Consider it.

  19. Pat says:

    Don’t believe everything you hear, Dear.

  20. Pat says:

    Writing my life. Critiques my help.

  21. Pat says:

    Critiques keep me focused, I guess.

  22. Carolyn says:

    Critique can broaden the writers perception.

  23. Carolyn says:

    Words in head. Pen in hand.

  24. Carolyn says:

    I think, so I must write.

  25. DeLane Parrott says:

    Sleuths unite, our motto: Lets Write!

  26. DeLane Parrott says:

    Rejections sting. Share a group hug.

  27. DeLane Parrott says:

    Writers group: a family of writers.

  28. DeLane Parrott says:

    New Critter: No more tears formula.

  29. DeLane Parrott says:

    Right brain, left brain, mob mentality?

  30. Teresa Scobee says:

    Read for pleasure; write for passion!

  31. Teresa Scobee says:

    Read, read, read, write, write, write.

  32. Teresa Scobee says:

    I close mine eyes and write.

  33. Teresa Scobee says:

    Great plots born daily around you.

  34. Nancy Dailey says:

    Their input makes my writing better!

  35. Susan Breeden says:

    I am always defending my character.

  36. V. L. Gregory says:

    Critiques: love ‘em, hate ‘em—-needed.

  37. V. L. Gregory says:

    Critique groups strive for constructive criticism.

  38. V. L. Gregory says:

    Thin-skinned authors should avoid critiques.

  39. V. L. Gregory says:

    Critique groups coddle, cajole, and encourage.

  40. V. L. Gregory says:

    Love my critique group–second family.

  41. V. L. Gregory says:

    Critique groups help smooth rough spots.

  42. V. L. Gregory says:

    Sharing with anticipation in critique sessions.

  43. V. L. Gregory says:

    My “baby” wounded/healed by critiques.

  44. V. L. Gregory says:

    Heed good advice, keep own voice.

  45. V. L. Gregory says:

    Challenged to superior writing–critique group.

  46. V. L. Gregory says:

    Good, better, best–critique group progression.

  47. V. L. Gregory says:

    Revisions made easier with constructive critiques.

  48. coyotescribe says:

    Left group when dominator took over.

  49. T.L. Scobee says:

    Time, tea, thesis, text, terminology, tenacity.

  50. T.L. Scobee says:

    Scripting dreams, ideas, thoughts onto papyrus.

  51. Barb H says:

    Writing: Lock up inhibitions. Unlock creativity.

  52. Barb H says:

    Blood, sweat, tears become happy endings.

  53. Susan Breeden says:

    Pantster in a group of plotters.

  54. Bethe says:

    You think it should say what?

  55. Bethe says:

    Agony from the beginning to end.

  56. Bethe says:

    “Move this chapter here.” Stabs critiquer.

  57. Bethe says:

    “Delete suspense scenes.” Critiquer’s untimely death.

  58. Susan Breeden says:

    Critiques not painful, if administered correctly.

  59. Jacob Mulliken says:

    Late night, bright light, dead fingers.

  60. Susan Breeden says:

    “Voice” started changing. No longer mine.

  61. Bethe says:

    What’s record for rewriting chapter one?

  62. Bethe says:

    Critiques may drive writers to drink.

  63. Bethe says:

    I don’t like your story either!

  64. Bethe says:

    Forget it. Writing story my way.

  65. Bethe says:

    Want me to redo chapter AGAIN?

  66. Bethe says:

    Should I tear up, start over?

  67. Bethe says:

    Cut and paste–friends for life.

  68. Karr says:

    Idea. Note. Wait 20 twenty years. Write.

  69. Karr says:

    One second genius. Five years tribulation.

  70. Janet Kay Gallagher says:

    Critique will take good to best.

  71. Janet Kay Gallagher says:

    Read, Write, Critique, Re-Write,Critique, Re-Write.

  72. V. L. Gregory says:

    Mrs. Fairbanks’ group–Mark Twain’s critiquers.

  73. V. L. Gregory says:

    Mississippi River Cruise–cool critiquing atmosphere.

  74. V. L. Gregory says:

    Critiques benefit EVERYONE, even Mark Twain.

  75. V. L. Gregory says:

    Literary genius springs from critique groups.

  76. V. L. Gregory says:

    Critique group helped Mark Twain, me.

  77. V. L. Gregory says:

    Whoa! Do you really mean that?

  78. Bethe says:

    Ultimate critique will be in heaven.

  79. Bethe says:

    Cut, paste, copy, undo: My BFF.

  80. C. Schaffer says:

    want to write, afraid of rejection

  81. V. L. Gregory says:

    God made idiots, then proof-readers.

  82. Loon says:

    Writing tells how badly we think.

  83. Loon says:

    Tried to poop story. Only farted.

  84. Loon says:

    I wrote. I shared. Gimme hemlock.

  85. Loon says:

    Shared stories: Like corncobs to swine.

  86. Loon says:

    which were top 3?—-or is contest still going?—–thanks, Loon

  87. Debra says:

    Read. Read. Write. Read. Write. Edit.

  88. ernestina1959 says:

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  89. ernestina1959 says:

    I don’t agree: http://meghanward.com/2012/03/27/8-secrets-to-a-successful-writers-group/

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