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Never Trust Anyone Over 30: The diary29 Project

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

By Patrick Wong

Turning 30 is a terrifying thing for a lot of people. As such, year 29 carries quite a bit of weight. So why not do something special to remember your life before the transition into 30dom?

That is exactly what artist Nicole Kenney has done with her personal story project, diary29. That magical number, 29, also happens to be her golden birthday. To honor that year, she started documenting her life on July 29, 2009. Each day Nicole takes a photo of the happenings in her life. Interestingly, a lot of the photos aren’t of her, but what’s around her (so many YouTube projects are all about individuals taking shots solely of themselves, typically for years at a time).

Pretty cool to see yourself change, right? But it’s even more interesting seeing those around you change as well. Nicole shoots photos of meals with loved ones, a finished Starbucks drink, and even a crying banana. Hers is the epitome of a “it’s the little things that matter” lifestyle.

A big plus is how quality the photos are. The photos aren’t your typical Facebook photo album fare, but artistic shots that make even said crying banana look great. Pair that with her short entertaining captions, and you’ve got a photo album you’ll love looking at, even though you probably won’t know anyone in it.

It just so happens my golden birthday is 30, the day after Nicole’s. Maybe I’ll take the next step, and face the dreaded milestone with camera in hand, letting the world know, life after 29 is probably just as good.

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