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Call for Submissions: Jordan and Jesse Vs. Annoying Fandom

Thursday, July 16th, 2009

By Chris Teja

My love for Jordan Jesse Go! is no secret. Honestly, the first blog I wrote for SMITH was about the previously mentioned weekly comedic podcast that I listen to almost religiously. My favorite segment has always been when Jordan and Jesse invite listeners to call in with responses to whatever topic was discussed the week before. JJGO listeners are an interesting bunch and their responses never fail to make my morning train ride slightly more hilarious.

The topic of last week’s episode was things that have been rendered unenjoyable by obsessive fans. It’s a strange phenomenon, but I can speak from experience that, as stupid as it seems, it is totally possible to lose a little bit of your love for something due to being exposed to absurdly dedicated fans of said thing. For me personally, Radiohead, Chuck Palahnuik, and Wes Anderson films come to mind.

Well the Jordan Jesse Go! phone lines are open, so if you have a good story about a former favorite band, movie, or anything else thats been ruined for you by fans, call 206-984-4FUN and leave a response for next week’s show.

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3 responses

  1. paige says:

    Twilight comes to mind.

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