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Call for Submissions: Miner’s Story Project

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

By Chris Teja

I almost feel like a liar labeling this blog a “Call for Submissions” as I have pretty good sense that the the intersect of SMITH readers and coal miners is on the slim side. But hey, everyone has a story…even coal miners.

The Miner’s Story Project is a project that aims to take a very specific group of people with a very unusual and dangerous job and encourage them to share their stories with the rest of us. Armed with a “story trailer” (a storycorps-style mobile recording studio), the project tours mining communities throughout the Southwest US recording stories of “everyday life, amazing events, and everything in between.”

For the vast, overwhelming majority of non-miners reading this, the audio recordings on the project’s website are still fascinating even if you’ve somehow managed to make your way through life without ever having to burrow several miles under underground. Listen closely and see.

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