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Monday, March 23rd, 2009

By Jessica Naudziunas

Internet journalism may not be a career with benefits, but it beats temp jobs fit for entry-level high school seniors. More and more print newspaper men and women see pink slips daily, and their desks are usually left vacant… indefinitely. Hiring freezes have moved from temporary to permanent downsizing leaving once noisy newsrooms to a handful of overworked reporters picking up pages– instead of inches, of paper space.

For many formerly employed journalists, blogging online for free may be one of few options to keep writing chops up and well-oiled.

That’s where Kachingle comes in. The founders have discovered a way to pay intelligent bloggers for the insightful paragraphs they write for internet readers. Instead of relying heavily on ad banners and other pay-per-click revenue sources, bloggers may use Kachingle to collect payment.

Kachingle is like that AAA membership you never use. Or, the gym membership you only say you do. Just having it around makes you feel better…because you don’t have to think about it.

Four things you should know about Kachingle:

1. Payment is voluntary. Kachingle readers pay a specified amount on Kachingle.com a month. That payment can be used like a gift card–you choose when and to whom you’d like to pay.

2. Payment is easy. Set up a simple account on Kachingle.com that automatically makes payments on your behalf.  You pick the amount to pay each time you visit your preferred list of blogs. If you find a new blog that is not on your payment list, and it happens to belong to a Kachingle blogger, click inside their Kachingle box to donate. Your donation amount is based on how many clicks you make.

3. Payment is fair: Kachingle takes 20 percent of each contribution, and deducts 5 percent for vendor fees and 15 percent to Kachingle.

4. Payments make everyone feel good: Your name or pseudonym appears in the blog’s list of Kachinglers–or you can be completely anonymous.

Visit Kachingle.com for more information, or to start paying people for writing good stuff online.

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