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Call for Submissions: The Confess Project

Friday, January 16th, 2009

By Chris Teja

 We’ve all said or done things that we are not proud of. Whether you’ve been unfaithful to a significant other, cheated on your taxes, stolen from work, or any combination of the three, you are far from alone. And even though some of our dirty little secrets might not really be all that horrible, we still choose to hide them from the people in our lives. What do you do though, when you get the itch to tell the world about your sins without revealing your identity? (Okay, something besides telling it to our friends over at PostSecret.…which is a good start).

The Confess Project is a medium for everyone (both church-going and non) to anonymously confess their sins. Visitors can either record an audio recording of their confession (don’t worry, effects are added to disguise your voice) or simply submit it as text. All confessions are divided into seven categories, such as temptation, violence, or betrayal. You can browse confessions by keyword, gender, or age of the author. The creators of the site describe the goal of the project as, “creating a community of voices unafraid to share their issues. Here, you can broadcast your story to the world and no-one will ever know.”

I spent a couple hours exploring the site last night (I told myself it would be 15 minutes) and found some really intriguing and revealing stuff. Here are some standout favorites:

-When I was young I enjoyed catching cats and squirrels and beating them to death.

-I liked to beat up my younger sister when my parents weren’t looking, and pretend her claims weren’t true.

-I’m afraid I might be getting alzheimer’s.

-I crashed into a parked car and fled the scene of the crime. This has been on my conscience for the last forty years.

-I hate you, God.

What do you need to get off your chest?

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  1. nadia says:

    he paid me to do it

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