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The Winners of the “Six Words to Inspire a Nation” Are…

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

By Larry Smith

img_0154.JPGAs reportered yesterday on NPR’s All Things Considered, SMITH’s mashup with the National Constitution Center for Six Words to Inspire a Nation was a smash. We asked readers and museum-goers to suggest the half-dozen words they want to hear from President-elect Obama at his inauguration on January 20. Our team of judges—journalist Farai Chideya, Freakonomics author and blogger Stephen J. Dubner, President Bush speechwriter Jim McGrath, MTV News’ SuChin Pak, nationally syndicated radio host Michael Smerconish, and David Kusnet, the former chief speechwriter for President Clinton—chose “Divided by fear, united in hope.” Congrats to its author, Donna Formica-Wilsey of Bucks Country, PA, who wins a leather bound volume of the Constitution, six-word memoir book, and a year’s membership to the National Constitution Center.

Here are the five runners-up (who win the book and the membership):
• “Shared dream. Shared destiny. Shared duty.” – Charlene Ann McGrady, West Chester, PA
• “Together we can change tomorrow, today.” – Casey Oehler.
• “America’s story is still being written.” – Renée Hope Guillory, Phoenix, AZ
• “Complacency undermines us, change redeems us.” – Tiffany Roget, Los Angeles, CA
• “These are testing times, study hard.” – Dyan Titchnell, Jenkintown, PA

A few six worders I personally loved that didn’t make the judges cut: “And now for something completely different,” “I shall put my Blackberry aside,” “Trust me, you’ll like Michelle better,” and the brilliant and goofy, “I can’t do it Obama self.” No, you can’t…

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4 responses

  1. Plumber Joe says:

    The election is over. Be inspired, but do not be duped. The truth will out. In time it will be clear what the president elect stands for- “OBAMA: Obfuscate By Any Means Available.”

  2. Lisa Qiu says:

    I love “I can’t do it Obama self”!!!!!!!

  3. TD McBride says:

    Congrats to the winners.
    ‘I can’t do it Obama self’ was my personal fave too.
    We move forward…24 hours from now until the White House is:
    excorcised with honesty
    fumigated with forthrightness
    de-loused with dedication
    aerated with accountability
    infused with inspiration
    buttressed with believability
    upgraded with understanding
    functioning with fortitude
    decorated with decency
    hung with hope.

  4. Yvonne says:

    congrats to donna; job well done!

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