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Call for Submissions: Shame Shame Shame

Monday, July 28th, 2008

By Chris Teja

We’ve all had shameful moments. Moments when, regardless of whether anyone was around to witness them, we felt the painful cringe of humiliation (our pals at Mortified certainly know about shame). Let’s say, for example, you inadvertently expose your testicles in a photograph that family members from several continents have flown in from to pose in…as a present for your grandfather. How do you deal with such a soul-crushingly embarrassing moment? Jordan Morris and Jesse Thorn of the podcast Jordan Jesse GO! suggest that you share your shame in a segment they call “Tales of Shame.”

You might know Thorn as the host of Public Radio International’s The Sound of Young America. If you watch Fuel TV, you probably know Jordan Morris as the guy who does the absurd red carpet interviews for The Daily Habit. In their weekly podcast, “Jordan Jesse GO!,” these two college buddies team up to talk about young adulthood, working in the entertainment industry, muse about “guy feelings,” and share shameful stories that have been called in by listeners (topics range from the aforementioned testicles to a Craigslist hook-up gone south). In the spirit of laughing at our worst moments, “Tales of Shame” serves as something like a mass group therapy session for the podcast’s listeners—only much funnier.

For a complete archive of episodes, and to send in your own shameful story, go to Jordan Jesse GO!

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4 responses

  1. Solar Lights says:

    Some embarrassing experiences are better left unsaid. I usually make the light of the embarrassing situation after a long time later.

  2. Chris Teja says:

    This is true. But hey, why not get it out of the way asap?

  3. Call for Submissions: Jordan and Jesse Vs. Annoying Fandom | Editors’ Blog says:

    [...] love for Jordan Jesse Go! is no secret. Honestly, the first blog I wrote for SMITH was about the previously mentioned weekly comedic podcast that I listen to almost [...]

  4. suba suba says:

    that may be the finish of this post. Right here you

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