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Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

By Larry Smith

cassette.jpgEveryone has a mixed tape story—what’s yours? SMITH is lending a hand to the inspired Cassette From My Ex, a new storytelling project from FOUND Magazine’s Jason Bitner, one that taps into those long but hopefully not lost mixed tapes and what they meant to you. We’ll share the music (mp3s of each side of the cassette) on the Cassette From My Ex site, along with whatever you’d like to say about it, even if it’s just a few words.

It’s simple: you send us a cassette tape from your ex (think: prom night) with your personal story behind the songs, either as a whole or note by note. We digitize it and post it on web site (then safely return your analog treasure). Like most projects we like, this one blends stories from know and unknown storytellers, and gets more interesting with each contributiion. Check out the mixed tape memories from The Magnetic Fields’ Claudia Gonson. If you’ve got a mix ripe for a reprise in a crafty storytelling world, contact us at news@smithmag.net. This one’s groovy.

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  1. Vanessa Aricco says:

    i do not have an old mixed cassette tape, but i do have a modern day mixed tape tale. when a guy friend of mine asked me if he could send me a mixed tape, i am in charlotte he is in LA, i figured id be getting a burned cd. when my package arrived, there inside was an ipod shuffle (purple my favorite color, he knew) filled with great love songs.
    times have definitely changed. the cassette mixed tape has been replaced with the shuffle mixed tape.

    here is the song list:
    Bryan Ferry- Slave to Love
    Cat Power- Wonderwall
    Elvis- Can’t Help Falling in Love with You
    Frou Frou- Let Go
    Grover Washington- Just the two of us
    So in Love with You
    Lauryn Hill- Cant take my eyes off of you
    Massive Attack; Liz Fraser- Teardrop
    *Norah Jones- Thinking about you*
    Otis Redding- Thats how strong my love is
    Pearl Jam- Oh Where Oh Where Could My Baby Be
    Pearl Jam- Comeback
    *Pearl Jam- Through Your Arms Around Me*
    Pearl Jam- Love Boat Captain
    Pearl Jam- You Are
    Peter Cetera- Glory of Love
    Phil Collins- Groovy Kind of Love
    Pink Floyd- Wish You Were Here
    *Ramones- I wanna be your boyfriend*
    *Donny Hathaway- A song for you*
    *Red Hot Chilli Peppers- Hard to Concentrate*******
    Spiritualized- Ladies and Gentlemen We are Floating in Space
    Sting- Fields of gold
    *Paola- Yours to keep*
    Toto- Africa
    Turtles- So happy together
    Monkees- whole wide world
    Youth Group- Daisychains
    Zero 7 - in the waiting line
    Cure- love song
    Band Horses- ever-living ghost of once was
    *CarpeSav- Sweet Honey Bee*
    Beach Boys- wouldnt it be nice
    *Beatles- all you need is love*
    Bryan Admans- when you love someone

  2. Casserole Crazy: Stories on Your Stove | Obsessions says:

    [...] talk a lot about alternative storytelling through photos or music, but some days, what really tells me a tale is my dinner. Tonight I went to Emily Farris’s [...]

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