Next-Door Neighbor

The Vestibule
By Tara Seibel

Eisner Nomination for Next-Door Neighbor’s “Vs.”

May 11th, 2009 by Jeff Newelt

SMITH Magazine congratulates Joe Infurnari and Alexis Sottile on their Eisner nomination (think Academy Awards for comics) for Best Digital Comic for “Vs.,” their virtuoso contribution to Next-Door Neighbor, SMITH’s truelife webcomic anthology, edited by Dean Haspiel. “Vs.” is the tale of Joe’s nightmarish neighborly encounters, one after another after another after another. Told as an autobiographical monologue written in verse, juxtaposed with rabid remembrances, dizzyingly visualized like a sickedelic melange of EC horror comics, The Twilight Zone, and Universal’s Monster Movies meets Cronenberg and Lynch, “Vs.” has got to be seen to be believed (and you can believe it, because it all happened). This is Joe’s second Eisner nomination, the first nod for his 2008, The Process. This year, Joe faced tough competition—including from himself. He could have just as easily been honored as an Eisner nominee for “The Transmigration of Ultra-Lad”, his innovative post-modern retro superhero strip serialized on ACT-I-VATE. If you’re a comics industry professional, i.e. a creator, editor, publisher, or retailer, and/or if you adore “Vs.” and Joe and Alexis as much as we do, please vote for the comic on the Eisner site.

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    [...] Eisner Nomination for Next-Door Neighbor’s “Vs.” May 11, 2009 | Next-Door Neighbor [...]

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