Next-Door Neighbor

The Vestibule
By Tara Seibel

Next-Door Neighbor: We Have a Winner

January 8th, 2009 by Larry Smith

Next-Door Neighbor, our wild experiment in webcomics by some of our favorite writers and artists, is another way we get our community right in the middle of the action. Which is why we asked you for your own next-door neighbor tale, and hundreds responded. Now, comic book legend Harvey Pekar has chosen Michele Carlo’s story, “Night of the Black Chrysanthemum” as the winner. Illustrator Rick Parker will turn Michele’s’s tale into the final installment of Next-Door Neighbor this spring. Michele (pictured here) is a native New Yorker and a graduate of The School of Visual Arts, who says she’s “been a comics fan all my life, from the old MAD magazines in the 1970s to the Silver Surfer, Galactus and Dr. Doom, old Spiderman, ElfQuest, Bloom County, Calvin & Hobbes, Maus, Berlin. One of my most faves ever, is Winsor McCay’s Little Nemo.” She’s also a writer/performer/storyteller who’s performed with The Moth, and been published in Chicken Soup For The Latino Soul and Mr. Beller’s Neighborhood. Congrats to Michele—we can’t wait to see your story in full comic form.

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