What's Your Next-Door Neighbor Story?

The Flaunting Chickens

You could say it all started when we got the call. Grandpa had died and we had gotten the family farm. Our farm was huge and quite historic, much like the rest of the neighborhood. One house imparticular stood out from the others. It was our neighbor across the road, Jane. She was my grandma's old-fashioned best friend. Our moving put an end to their daily visits, causing Jane to despise us. We didn't much mind, we figured she would busy herself with her animals. Primarily her prize-winning chickens. To our dismay we were soon proven wrong. We often discovered binoculars at her windows. Which explained her knowledge of things like a sprouting weed or a shingle falling off. As her eye on us grew tighter, her watch of her animals grew weaker. Chickens now ran free on the road.
As much as Jane hated us, it was not half of what she hated our dog, Mickey. She referred to her as the, "Devil Dog," with those "evil eyes!" Mickey had one eye that was white as snow, and the other so brown it was black. She was huge even as puppy. Still, she had never done anything to be considered bad. Even Jane had to admit that.
That is until a certain fall day arrived. My friend Emily and I were outside and realized Mick was chained up. My brother told me that she had meddled in Jane's chickens. Oh well, I thought, she had it coming. Letting her chickens flaunt themselves about the road the way they do! So, I let Mick loose.
Later we called for Mick. She was no where to be seen.Until Emily stood pointing. I followed her gaze to find a nightmare. It was Mickey on her hind legs, with feathers and squawking all around her. We took off running. We got Mick to cough up the bloody thing with a "haaack!" I handed it to Jane, who was still holding her shot gun. She was so mad all she could say was, "Seventeen!"
Turns out that was how many chickens Mickey killed. We paid $250. We also had to pay for the "traumatized" living chickens. Those damn chickens mercilessly flaunted themselves at Mickey for years! They had it coming. Ha. Seventeen...


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