What's Your Next-Door Neighbor Story?

Unreasonable Hate

I hate both my neighbors. They’re different as apples and oranges, but I hate them both. You say, “oh surely you don’t hate them sir,” or, “Isn’t hate a strong word”. So I sit on a rock an think and being all suave and such I deliver an answer that knocks your socks off. “Yes, I hate them, as much as I hate the cubs”. “Oh my,” you gasp all astounded and out breath, “the horror!” yet curiosity gets the best of you, and so, you ask, “why?”. At this point I’ve rumpled up my nose, beware I am about to age about ninety years and now you have awaken the inner grumpy old man who at the ripe age of one hundred and four will be sitting on his porch in nothing but a pair of dirty briefs speaking about the good old days when the kids either drank or smoked, but not both like you whippersnappers. Then I begin.
My first set of neighbors is a Latino family that frequently holds parties in the backyard. Their parties tend to extend well into the morning and the day. This is not why I hate them. At first I believed I hated them because I was racist, but this is not the case either as I hate my white upper class neighbors who live in their big eyesore of a house next door. They too receive the almighty judgment of my hate.
This hot red fury that boils up in me when I think about my neighbors is unreasonable because I am jealous of them while they are nothing that I ever want to be. I frequently stoop about my house, jealous of my neighbor’s fabulous parties, their wealth, their long talks, and their property. Why should they have the fun while I sit studying observing nothing, only work.
All they do have is not what I truly want. I don’t want a dusty old rental or a house out of Howard Roark’s nightmares. I want my family and my own parties. I want long talks, but on the subjects that I enjoy, not eight hour conversations about Mazda hubcaps. So I find the hate in me is unreasonable, but there, and now your question is answered. If you need anything more I’ll be right here on this porch in my undies.


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